VCs: how Keepabl's Privacy Management SaaS supports your portcos in the unicorn race

Privacy compliance brings 6 significant benefits that increase the chances your portfolio company will return the fund
Keepabl helps unicorns

Venture Capital investors invest a finite sum of money into a finite number of businesses and aim for one portfolio company to ‘return the fund‘. It’s just the way the model works: given startup failure rates, you’re aiming for a few to do well but one to generate the big return.

Privacy maturity – which Keepabl can rapidly and simply bring to your investees – is a no-brainer to get proven significant benefits and increase the chances they’ll deliver high returns.


Managing risk & return post investment

There are various ways to manage risk before investing, from strong funnel management, a strong investment committee and good technical and commercial due diligence.

Post investment, when the documents have been signed, the money’s being deployed, you’ve a board seat and information rights, what then?

Those individuals managing their investments (sitting on those boards, WhatsApping with founders late into the evening) will do what they can to stay on top of issues and opportunities at their portfolio companies to help drive them forward to the next milestones.

But they can’t be there for each investee 24/7, so best practices that help reduce risk are attractive.

What’s much more attractive is best practice that not only manages a key material risk, but positively reinforces business growth and attaining those milestones.


Good Privacy improves your portfolio companies’ chances

Cisco’s 2022 Data Privacy Benchmark Study repeats and reinforces the findings of their 2021 Study on the ‘significant benefits‘ or ‘very significant benefits‘ enjoyed by organisations with good Privacy maturity:

Cisco 6 significant benefits from Privacy

As Cisco noted:

More specifically, we asked respondents about the potential benefits in 6 areas: reducing sales delays, mitigating losses from data breaches, enabling innovation, achieving operational efficiency, building trust with customers, and making their company more attractive. For each of these six areas, greater than 60% of respondents felt they were getting significant or very significant benefits, and this measure has been broadly consistent for the past two years.’

These ‘significant or very significant benefits‘, consistently reported by Cisco for 2 years running, are incredibly valuable to any business. As a VC, you’d definitely want your investees build trust with their customers, make their company more attractive, reduce sales delays and more.

Good Privacy maturity comes from the same places as other compliance: people, processes and technology. Keepabl is the technology you should recommend to your portcos.


How Keepabl helps your PortCos

You can hear from our customers on the benefits they enjoy from using our intuitive Privacy Management SaaS in our cases studies, including:

  • it’s much simpler than our previous service yet better in dealing with multiple entities. It makes ongoing compliance and reporting easier, and its breach and risk modules are really excellent‘ (Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management UK & Europe)
  • We use Keepabl to show our compliance to senior management and investors, it’s all easy to see on one pane of glass. We have our yearly audit coming up soon, and we’re looking forward to using Keepabl for that, too‘ (Times Higher Education)
  • Their holistic solution really accelerates compliance activities and I believe will save my clients 50-70% of their ongoing Privacy compliance over the next 3 years‘ (David Clarke, consultant)
  • Reviewing the Keepabl KPIs and reports provides the information we need to ensure we are meeting requirements for data privacy management. With Keepabl, we have a more efficient way of maintaining the details and analysing risks‘ (St Giles Trust)

Our SaaS and Privacy Policy pack deliver an instant Privacy Framework with rapid adoption, and – as you can see from the case studies – a very low need for training given the intuitiveness of the solution.

That 50-70% saving on compliance can go into Sales.

The insights you’ll get from portcos will be consistent and actionable.

Teams in portcos that aren’t stressing out over Privacy, instead confidently making it a competitive advantage, can really push ahead of rivals to achieve their targets and win in the modern economy.


Fast-track those benefits now

We’ve a programme particularly designed for investors and their portcos to rapidly see the proof and make a valid decision (we know how you work…):

  • we provide all your portfolio companies an extended free trial. You want to see how you benefit from uniform insights from each entity, and the ability to see each of their Keepabl accounts easily (don’t worry, the portco can give you tailored access rights, you’re not dictating anything). It just doesn’t work going for one or two portcos, you want to see the full effect.
  • we do rapid onboarding to get them up to speed, and
  • we guarantee you’ll see how their answers on Privacy are a quantum order better in weeks not years – if they’re not convinced, no cost, no foul, and they can still download all their reports in Excel so they’ve got a free jump forward.

Contact us to get these benefits for your portcos now


Be part of our journey!

STOP PRESS: We’re funding in 2022 so, if you’re interested in learning more and are a qualified B2B SaaS investor (you’ll know such investments put your capital at risk, and you may get back less than or lose your investment), contact us and let’s talk.

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