Easy Onboarding

Get up to Speed Fast!

We’re a business using SaaS ourselves. We know how important easy onboarding is. So we’re focused on making it as simple as possible for you to onboard into Keepabl and enjoy the benefits!

Whether you’re starting from zero or you’ve already a chunk of your Privacy Framework in place, and whether you’re a single entity or a group, you’ll be delighted at how quickly and easily you can onboard into Keepabl.

Our Default Activity Pack!

Ah, the RoPA! The Article 30s! The Data Map! Whatever you call it, all good Privacy Governance starts with an inventory including where you’re processing personal data in your business, why, who it’s about and more.

We get you started super fast with our Default Activity Pack. Over 45 of the most common processing activities, already 40% complete for you to run with. And you’ve instant Article 30s!


Upload Activities

We know you may like spreadsheets – and that’s ok, we like them too. We’ve made it really easy to add Activities to your Data Map using our Excel template, download it, fill it in, upload it – done!

It’s additive only, we’ve all heard nightmare stories of people wiping out years of work trying to get one new line into some services. With Keepabl, your existing work is safe. Upload 1 or 100 and build your Data Map quickly.

Copying is Cool

You’re working on an Activity and think ‘this would be a great starting point for this other Activity’. You can just copy it and crack on!

You can copy Activities within your account. Want to copy the whole Data Map across to another of your entities? Just ask us.

We’re Awesome at Groups

Did we say we’re awesome at Groups? You can give each group member the Default Activities Pack so they all start immediately with the most common processes covered. Onboarding group members is quick and easy.

Or, as a custom service, we can give you a dummy account so you can iterate our Default Activities Pack to cater for your particular business and practices, then start off each group member with your own set!

Our Privacy Policy Pack!

One of the things you don’t want to do is waste months scouring the internet, gathering together a ragtag set of policies and procedures, when you can have our comprehensive Privacy Policy Pack, with all you need for GDPR (UK & EU), UK DPA and UK PECR compliance.

It’s a one-0ff fee and you get free updates for the life of your SaaS subscription. Save yourself months of boring surfing and focus on building your Privacy Culture form day one!