Gap Analysis

Instant Insights

Our unique Activity Analysis gives you key out-the-box insights into your Data Map, forged through years of practice and feedback from valued customers and consultants to give you the information you need at your fingertips to move quickly to attain and maintain compliance.

As with everything at Keepabl, it’s integrated into your Account so as you change your Activities, your insights automatically update.

Know your processing

Do you know where you use automated decision-making? Or where you rely on legitimate interests (or consent, everyone is trying to minimise reliance on consent wherever possible). How about where you process about categories of individuals?

As you complete your Data Map, your Activity Analysis automatically updates these insights and more so you can manage outliers and remedy non-comformities to maintain your good compliance stance.


Know your Transfers

The EU-US Data Protection Framework (DPF) adequacy decision may now be in place, but the decision in Schrems II has changed how we all look at transfers.

Keepabl’s Data Map ensures you consider all transfers. We then automatically create your Transfer Registers for both UK and EU GDPRs so you can put in place appropriate safeguards.

Know your Entities

Again, automatically as you easily update your Activities, Keepabl creates all your Entities Registers so, for example, you can instantly identify your joint controllers and ensure your written arrangements are in place.

See your instant Processors Register – so you can make sure your Data Processing Agreements are in place, and it’s your automatic list of processors, required under GDPR.

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