Keepabl LOCS:23 Crosswalk

Our Crosswalk to LOCS:23 shows you how Keepabl supports you across the board in complying with this UK ICO-approved certification under Art 42 UK GDPR for legal service providers and their processors
Keepabl and LOCS23


Keepabl & LOCS:23

There’s a reason Keepabl was appointed as the Exclusive Approved Privacy Management Software for LOCS:23, the ICO-approved UK GDPR certification scheme and standard under Article 42 UK GDPR.

Our intuitive, award-winning software is your Privacy Governance out-the-box that really helps you rapidly establish and easily maintain a comprehensive Privacy Framework at your organisation.

LOCS:23 is the first ICO-approved GDPR certification scheme for law firms, other legal service providers and their processors and the first ICO-approved whole-of-GDPR certification scheme, with a scope of processing client personal data.


Certification Benefits

  1. Strengthen client trust by proving that you take Privacy Governance seriously.
  2. Win more business by showing clients that you handle their personal data in accordance with UK GDPR.
  3. Differentiate your firm against your competitors.
  4. Reduce regulatory risk as the ICO has to take LOCS:23 certification into account when deciding whether to impose a fine and on the amount of any fine.
  5. Demonstrate compliance with UK GDPR through an independently audited and certified, ICO-approved, standard.


Keepabl LOCS:23 Crosswalk

Keepabl LOCS23 Crosswalk

Download the full Crosswalk as a PDF or get the GSheet and see why a consultant believes we save his clients 50% to 70% on Privacy Compliance over 3 years.

As the Exclusive Approved Privacy Management Software for LOCS:23 (we may have mentioned that before), you can be confident when you use Keepabl that you’ve chosen software that will not only automate your Privacy compliance but support you across the majority of LOCS:23.

Our intuitive SaaS solution is ‘LOCS:23 out the box’ and helps you in so many ways:

  • rapidly move your RoPA online and easily maintain it, with instant tactical gap analysis to make maintaining your RoPA in accordance with UK GDPR and LOCS:23 a breeze,
  • super simple strategic benchmarking with our own BenchMark or our integration of the official ICO’s Accountability Framework,
  • easy intake and management of data subject rights in our Rights management solution with unlimited, customisable Forms, instant alerts and Rights Log,
  • equally easily manage Risk and intake and manage security and personal data breaches in our Breach management solution, also with as many tailored Forms as you want to intake Breaches, instant Breach Log and more,
  • manage entities from joint controllers to sub-processors in your Data Map with instant due diligence analysis, agreement management, and role analysis so you know who is in your RoPA and what they’re doing there,
  • make sure you keep on top of your compliance program with personal Tasks dashboards, hanging tasks on Activities, Rights and Breaches,
  • all in a solution with B2B SaaS Security from least privilege access to 2FA, SSO, Audit Logs and available in 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Alongside our award-winning software, our Privacy Policy Pack ensures you have a leading suite of Privacy policies and procedures.


Say adiós to spreadsheets!

Excel Spreadsheets are great for a lot of things… Managing Privacy is not one of them.

See how easy Privacy management can be – request a Keepabl demo today!


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