Keepabl's Privacy Policy Pack

All you need for GDPR & UK PECR

HR, Security, Privacy – they’ve all got one thing in common. You can’t avoid having a comprehensive set of policies and procedures. It means everyone can see what’s expected of them. You base your training on them. You can audit and iterate them. And you can show them to auditors and customers.

Policies and procedures are at the heart of any compliance framework. They should be as short and easy to read as possible, which makes them easy to implement and follow. If you put something in writing, you have to ensure you do it, so you don’t want longwinded documents with irrelevant material.

Translating complex regulations into achievable, practical governance programs is somethings Keepabl excels at. We’ve had decades of experience. Our Privacy Policy Pack is written in plain language, with the policies and procedures you need, backed up by templates, specimens and checklists, from DPIAs to HR Privacy Notices.

Privacy isn’t a tickbox exercise

But there’s nothing wrong with a checklist! You’re used to having an HR Policy Pack so that your employees know everything from you being an equal opportunities employer, to how to book holidays, what expenses they can claim, and more. You’ll also have a Security Policy Pack setting out your approach to everything from passwords to BYOD, visitor management to remote working, clear desk clear screen and more again.

You’ll use these documents to demonstrate to your auditors, customers, investors and partners that you’re doing the right thing. They’re key to compliance – and to passing these investigations.

It’s the same with Privacy: GDPR pushed Privacy into internal and external audits, and vendor and investor due diligence. They’re looking to see you’ve best practices on Privacy in place, and that you can prove it. If you don’t have a Privacy Policy Pack in place, you’re behind the competition.

Get up & running instantly

No need to panic or waste months searching for precedents instead of getting on with work. Adopt our Privacy Policy Pack and you’ll instantly be off to a running start. In plain language, and with the least impact on your business, our Pack covers the requirements from:

  • UK GDPR, and

It’s easy to read and it’s in separate documents to make it easy to get feedback and adopt them in an agile manner. No need to plough through a 100-page document for the relevant couple of pages. You can have a full Privacy Policy Pack in rapid time, job done, on to the next thing on your desk.

That’s one more thing covered!

When you sign up to Keepabl’s SaaS and take a Privacy policy Pack (for a one-off cost), you get FREE updates for the life of your SaaS subscription. So when we update a document, or add a new set, you’re the first to know.

It’s just another way Keepabl helps you get the job done on Privacy with the least time and stress, looking after the nitty gritty so you can focus on the real value-add. Why wouldn’t you?

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