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If you’re looking after GDPR at your organisation, you’re probably in IT, Security, Compliance or Legal – sometimes Marketing or HR – and it’s just one more task on your desk.   You need something to help you get the job done as quickly and simply as possible.  Keepabl lets you get to grips with GDPR superfast, and demonstrate your compliance status to others.  We know because we’ve been there ourselves.

2 years on, many organisations are not compliant with GDPR.  Most are still struggling with spreadsheets but now see the real value of good Privacy Management SaaS to save them time, cost and stress on GDPR, make their ongoing compliance more efficient, and their work with advisers more effective.


In late 2017, Robert Baugh, our Founder & CEO, saw the huge challenge and risk presented by GDPR, particularly for small and mid-market entities.  The situation was perfect for SaaS, but SaaS that recognised a typical in-houser’s needs, with many competing demands, tight resources, and a non-specialist skillset.

Keepabl was born, launching our SaaS solution after nearly a year of classic lean-startup work with customers through prototypes, MVPs and beta.  Looking at our customer case studies, we’re sure you’ll see that customer experience, and constant feedback loop, reflected when you look at our solution!

Real-life Privacy

With our intuitive, award-winning GDPR SaaS solution, and complementary Privacy Policy Pack, you can implement your Privacy Framework super fast with zero training required.

And do visit Privacy Kitchen, free video help on GDPR and all things Privacy to help all those handling GDPR for their organisation, whether beginner or advanced.