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Although enacted back in 2016, GDPR still took a lot of businesses by surprise when it took effect in May 2018.  Given the low level of fines under the EU Data Protection Directive, and implementing national laws, many businesses had addressed privacy but not given it too much importance.  That certainly changed with GDPR!  Fines of €20m euros or 4% of global turnover.  Sales delays as customers and investors asked about GDPR readiness.  Heightened anxiety with the increase in huge data breaches.  All combined to make GDPR compliance a board-level issue.

The Privacy-as-a-Service industry was kickstarted by GDPR, and while there is a growing number of solutions available, many businesses are still muddling through with spreadsheets, battling issues such as version control and a lack of uniform approach across teams and business units.  A cloud-based solution makes perfect sense, but it can feel as if the choice is between an expensive all-singing, all-dancing behemoth or a solution that’s hard to use, focussed on the regulation and not on practicalities.

This is Keepabl’s differentiation, our USP.  Keepabl is led by, and created by, a lawyer who has been the mid-market customer for over a decade, implementing compliance programs when engineers would rather be coding and salespeople selling.  Someone with over two decades of legal experience advising on privacy regulation, technology and information security in the UK and overseas.  Who also understands that compliance programs not only face inwards, ensuring best practices, but outwards, presenting the best face to customers, investors and other stakeholders in RFPs and due diligence.

Keepabl’s GDPR and e-Privacy compliance solution leads you intuitively through becoming – and staying – compliant.  Keepabl delivers tools and information SMEs need to get the job done, in a practical and risk-managed approach.  Arrange your demo today and see how Keepabl can help you with your privacy compliance.


Our founder and CEO, Robert Baugh, has over 13 years’ experience as General Counsel, EVP and director of VC-backed, international growth companies.  Robert is an expert in translating regulations into practical and achievable compliance programs that are quick and easy for busy sales, engineering, finance and technology teams to adopt.  He now leads the team at Keepabl, setting the vision for the company, and ensuring the product stays focussed on delivering the benefits and value our customers need.

After reading Engineering, Economics & Management at Oxford University, Robert spent 9 years as an international TMT lawyer in City law firms in London, Hong Kong and Melbourne, advising public and private sector clients on data protection, intellectual property and technology, before becoming part of the senior management team at LoopUp (LON: LOOP), then a startup called Ring2 Communications.  Robert helped take LoopUp from 7 people to over 100 in 4 countries and an IPO in London, UK, before being headhunted by Lord Drayson to join Drayson Technologies as Director and General Counsel.

In 2017, with GDPR fast approaching, Robert saw the benefits to mid-market businesses of converting his expertise, experience and methodology into a SaaS compliance solution, and Keepabl’s Privacy-as-a-Service was born.  Focussed on helping the generalist business professional with GDPR and e-Privacy compliance, Keepabl takes you through the compliance journey with an intuitive web and mobile solution.

Your Trusted Partner

We’re excited to present our Privacy-as-a-Service solution.  With a clean, familiar interface delivering new capabilities, it makes privacy management simple.  Which should make your life* easier too.  (* ok, working life)

Keepabl was designed from the ground up to allow and empower our customers’ trusted advisers – their consultants, MSPs and lawyers – to continue delivering their trusted advice, enabled by Keepabl’s technology platform and expert products and services.  Advisers can switch between customer’s accounts and customers can determine who gets to see what in the service – it is the customer’s data after all.  Need a policy pack to work on together?  Keepabl’s Policy Pack has helped businesses from healthcare to private equity, technology to financial advisory.

If you’re a customer looking for privacy and security technology to help collaborate with your adviser, or an adviser looking for technology to turbocharge your privacy and security advice to your customers, contact us now and arrange a demo to see how Keepabl can help you.