Putting Joy into Privacy Compliance

Keepabl’s mission is to deliver the world’s most-loved Compliance SaaS. OurWhyis to joyfully use tech to solve people’s headaches and make them feel happier. No apologies if that sounds sentimental – it’s incredibly important on an individual and organisational level.

Individuals handling Compliance are under intense pressure from increased remits, often without related increases in budgets. Organisations face ever-increasing and existential risk from GDPR and CyberSecurity, with difficulty getting transparent insights and qualified talent in each area coupled with increased demand for accountability from customers, investors and other stakeholders.

We’re delighted that we’re hitting our target – you can hear from our customers, for example, about how we deliver actionable insights plus the ability to dive into detail, how we help with Risk and Breach, and how we save time, cost and stress¬†and bring efficiencies.

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We hear you

Keepabl’s award-winning Privacy Management Software makes implementing and maintaining a world-class Privacy Framework, initially based on GDPR, intuitive and simple, with easy-to-use and familiar workflows hiding intelligent heavy lifting under the hood.

Named to the prestigious global RegTech100 as one of the 100 most innovative providers for Finance in 2021, and again in 2022 and 2023, Keepabl instantly delivers powerful analysis and insights into your Privacy Governance for the Board, auditors and customers alike.

You don’t need to be a Privacy pro – although they love us too, we’re the preferred Privacy Management SaaS for many consultants, delivering up to 70% savings for ongoing compliance management. We lead you through building and then maintaining your Privacy Framework, starting with your Data Map, and including Risk, Breaches, Processors and more. As you go, we’re automatically creating and updating your GDPR KPIs and Reports.


Our trusted solution

You’ve already seen we deliver value and innovation from our clients’ testimonials and our multiple awards. We’re also independently pen-tested and certified for Cyber Essentials Plus every year. And, as you’d expect from a valued provider to Finance, Tech, Health and many other industries, we regularly go through vendor due diligence ourselves.

So do take a look around our site and take a demo to see how we can help you and your organisation save time, cost and stress on Privacy while making GDPR a revenue generator. And be sure to visit Privacy Kitchen, our free video help on GDPR and all things Privacy for those handling GDPR for their organisation, which has delivered over 30,000 views to beginners and pros alike.

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