Automated Breach Management

Easy Breach intake

Enter breaches directly or use one or your unlimited, customisable Forms – put a ‘Report a Breach’ link or button on your intranet, empower your processors to report Breaches to you, choose what questions to include and even edit the text.

Use your own brand in your Forms free-of-charge on all packages (no Keepabl branding). And Keepabl instantly updates your Breach reporting, from your Dashboard KPI to your Breach Log.

Instant alerts for rapid reaction

Starting when you become aware of a Breach, UK and EU GDPR give you just 72 hours to notify the regulator, unless the Breach is unlikely to result in a risk to individuals’ rights and freedoms.

Keepabl’s instant email alerts, linking to the Breach itself, let your response team react fast and our solution leads you through the investigation and risk calculation, with personalised My Breaches dashboards.

Comprehensive Breach Management

Our Breach Record is based on the UK ICO’s report a breach form, iterated to empower managing as well as reporting.

When stress levels are high, our solution and our Privacy Policy Pack walk you through the entire process with examples, ensuring you capture the information you need and make appropriate decisions.

Instant Breach Log

As soon as you update a Breach Record, we instantly update your Breach Log, which links to your Entities so you can chase down the extent of the Breach, and contains all your salient information. And you can always download the full set of Breach Records with all their information at any time.

All part of Keepabl’s ‘intelligent linking’.

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