A Data Map that takes you places

Your 1st job on GDPR

Your Data Map is your fundamental GDPR task: made up of all your Activities, it drives your decisions as you attain and maintain GDPR compliance.  Uniform data entry means you can contrast and compare, and we can create all your valuable, and automatic, reports and analysis.

Easy data inventory

Activities are at the core of your Data Map.  Use our Default Activities for a running start, copy an Activity to easily add new Activities, and give your colleagues or trusted advisers tailored access so they can help.  Show it to stakeholders to demonstrate you’ve fully thought through your data protection responsibilities.

Could your Article 30 Records be better?

Keepabl automatically creates your Art 30 Records for when you’re controller – and when you’re processor.  And as you update an Activity in your Data Map, your Art 30s are instantly updated.  Respond quickly to requests, giving tailored online access or download and format as you like.

Know your Activities inside and out

Your instant Activity Analysis answers 24 questions on your Data Map – where you process children’s personal data, where you don’t use encryption, where you rely on consent, and more.  Make working with your trusted adviser much more efficient.  Well done you!

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