A Data Map that takes you places


You need a Data Map that helps you get the job done.  Your Data Map is made up of all your Activities.  Uniform web forms mean uniform data entry and enable all the valuable, automatic and instant reporting and analysis within Keepabl.

Your Data Map will deliver value, help drive your decisions, and help you attain and maintain GDPR compliance.  Show it to customers and other stakeholders to demonstrate you’ve fully thought through your data protection responsibilities.


Activities are at the core of your Data Map and the core of your GDPR compliance program.  You can’t manage what you can’t measure.  Keepabl ensures uniform data methodology and recordal across groups, departments and countries.

Interview your teams such as Sales, Marketing, HR, IT, Finance and Investor Relations using the Activity as an interview template.  Feel free to work with your preferred adviser on this (give them Keepabl logins on your account, it’s for no extra charge).


Article 30 Records giving you headaches?  Keepabl automatically creates your Art 30 Records, for when you’re both controller and processor! 

Update an Activity in your Data Map and your Art 30s are instantly updated too.  No more cut and pasting or checking version control – and fewer headaches.


GDPR compliance means you know your Activities inside and out.  Keepabl’s automatic reports give you the answers.  Questions you need to ask about children’s personal data, automated decision-making, encryption and more.

Work with your  lawyer, consultant, MSP or other trusted adviser to take remediation action.  As always, it’s all linked so you can click to revisit your Activities and any update you make is instantly reflected in the analysis.  Well done you!