A Data Map that takes you places

Your 1st job on GDPR

Your Data Map is your fundamental GDPR task – and Keepabl’s super power. Simple to onboard, simple to maintain. And instantly generating so many KPIs and reports.

Our Data Map is simple to use and ensures your team, or teams across your group, all follow an easy, uniform process covering everything you need to push to and maintain compliance.

RoPA vs Art 30s vs Data Map

Article 30 GDPR is called ‘Records of processing’, which is where RoPA comes from. However, RoPA’s often used for the full inventory as well as broader registers for other uses, so it can mean different things for different people.

That’s why we use Data Map for your full inventory, and Article 30 Records for your … Article 30 Records, which we create instantly for you from your Data Map.

Sheet to SaaS

We love Excel, but there’s a time and a place (like uploading your Data Map into Keepabl) and there’s a reason you use SaaS for Sales, Finance and HR.

Benefits go from the obvious (no version control nightmares, role-based / least-privilege access, and superb collaboration at any time and place) to instant and engaging visual and other reporting, and integration with the other key areas of your compliance such as Vendors, Breaches, Tasks and more.

Point and click compliance

Our USP is we’re insanely focussed on our customers and making our software as simple and familiar as possible. No vanity-ware or dev-driven interfaces here.

With your Data Map, it means it’s super simple to complete your Activities as we take you from the purpose to your role, the individuals and personal data involved, other parties in the chain and more.

Easy onboarding

Use our Default Activities for a running start, with instant Article 30 Records. Or copy an Activity you like as a basis for a similar Activity.

Or use our easy Upload Template to add Activities (no worries about overwriting your existing work) and see all your reports burst into life.

KPIs, Reports and Art 30s

Keepabl automatically creates your Art 30 Records for when you’re controller and when you’re processor.  And as you update an Activity in your Data Map, your Art 30s are instantly updated. We also create your Vendor and Entity reporting and more.

So you can respond quickly to requests, giving tailored online access or download and format as you like.

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