Manage & Visualise Privacy Risk

Know Your Privacy Risks

GDPR’s a risk-based law, but it’s the risk to individuals, not your organisation, that matters.  Keepabl’s Impact Assessment Procedures, with tried and tested template and specimen DPIAs, lead you through Privacy risk analysis, while Keepabl’s SaaS ensures you address risk for each Activity.

Visual Risk Reports

You need to understand the risk in your processing activities, and easily report results to the Board.  Choose your preferred visualisation, sort your Activities by risk, and filter by risk category.  As you continue to assess and allocate risk, your Risk Map instantly updates, making spreadsheet risk calculations a thing of the past.

Simplify Your Risk Process

Easily see where you’ve yet to calculate risk, use our Privacy Policy Pack to consider the risk factors, record them in our popular template DPIAs and manage the whole process through your SaaS solution.   And it’s all linked to your Data Map, making it easy to work through your automatically updated list.

Zero in on High Risk

Filter high and very high risks to work on as a priority.  In no time at all, you’ll have addressed your Privacy risk, be able to report that to stakeholders, and show them Policy, Procedure and Assessments as the tactical proof of your compliance.  Sounds good to us!

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