Your GDPR Risk Map


GDPR is a risk-based law.  You need to understand the risk in each of your processing activities and be able to report risk to the board.

Keepabl shows you the risk exposure from your processing activities. (Remember, the risk is to the individuals concerned, not your organisation, although one will lead to the other…)  And it’s all linked, making it easy to dive into the Activities in question and revisit your security measures and residual risk.




Choose your preferred Risk Map visualisation! 

Keepabl lets you choose how to present your risk report – bar chart, pie chart and the table below.  Whichever works best for you that day – or whichever way you prefer your information.


Zero in on risky operations.  The Risk Map is fully interactive.  Select a bar (or slice of pie) of a particular colour and the table filters on that risk category.

Focus on the higher risk Activities first, adding other security and privacy measures to reduce the residual risk.  Check you agree with the risk ratings as part of your periodic audits.  Just one of the valuable reporting tools brought to you by Keepabl.


Everybody needs a nudge now and then.  Keepabl highlights the Activities where you’ve not allocated the risk in a bright, unavoidable colour.  Simply choose that colour and the table filters to those Activities.  Use the links to go back and revisit the risk calculation and enter your decision.

All part of helping you complete your GDPR obligations and helping you look good to the powers-that-be.