Risk & Assessments

DPIAs and PIAs

GDPR’s a risk-based law, but it’s the risk to individuals, not your organisation, that matters. Our Privacy Policy Pack has your policies, procedures and templates so you cover the areas required by GDPR.

As you complete your Data Map, you simply allocate your DPIAs to Activities, uploading them into the File Library for easy selection in future.

Your Privacy Risk Register

As you complete your Data Map and address Risk on each Activity, Keepabl creates your full Privacy Risk Register. Sortable, searchable, integrated with your Data Map and downloadable. Identify which Activities have which risk rating and decide where to focus your next assessments.

As you increase your DPIA coverage, and update your Activities, your Privacy Risk Register automatically updates.

Zero in on High Risk

As well as the Privacy Risk Register, you can choose how to see your visual Risk KPIs. Interact with the visual KPI and you’re automatically filtering your Privacy Risk Register below.

Focus on your high and very high risks first and, in no time at all, you’ll have a good suite of DPIAs and be able to demonstrate that to your stakeholders.

Simplify your Risk Process

Everything’s linked in Keepabl, so for example you can create a Task to create a DPIA for about your Recruiting processing. Hang Tasks on particular Activities, make them repeating, have Approvers, and manage them all in your personal My Tasks area.

And use Activity Analysis to see where you’ve done a DPIA, and where not, so you’ve got Risk fully covered.

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