Simple Intuitive Rights Management

Crystal Clear Insights

Our engaging, visual, detailed dashboard surfaces how you’re doing on Rights. See exactly how many Rights you receive over time, how efficient you are at closing them, where they from, and more.

All the KPIs on Rights that you need to monitor and manage this key ongoing aspect of your Privacy Governance. And it’s a lovely PDF for the board pack.

Your own Forms

Enter a Right directly into Keepabl or make an online intake Form available, tailored for your audience with your own brand free-of-charge on all packages (no Keepabl branding).

So the Form for your Privacy Policy can ask What is your name? while the Form for your Customer Support team asks What’s the Individual’s name?

Simple uniform process

We lead you through each step of managing Rights, so you can be sure your team all follow the same, uniform and complete process.

Uniformity means consistency and efficiencies. And if you’re in a group, you can easily compare performance across group members.

Allocation & alerts

Make yourself the default Assignee for each new Right and then farm them out to your team members according to your internal processes.

And choose who gets alerts when a new Right is submitted, so nothing will fall through the gaps.

More than GDPR

Out of the box, you’re all set up with your default jurisdiction. Easily change this for each Right – perhaps one team looks after Rights for the group.

See where your Rights are coming from, which jurisdictions apply, and manage them accordingly.

Fully integrated

And your Rights module is integrated into the whole Keepabl solution. For example, hang Tasks on Rights and give your Privacy helpers in other departments access to My Tasks to move that Right forward.

As well as our other modules, you’ve got best practice SaaS Security including least privilege access, 2FA and SSO.

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