Keepabl's holistic approach

Practical Privacy Governance

Our award-winning Privacy Management Software has you covered from your benchmark, your processor management, DPIAs and risk management, to breaches and individuals’ rights, tasks and more.

And our Privacy Policy Pack has all the policies and procedures you need, for your internal purposes and so you’ve a great answer to due diligence on you by auditors and customers.

Your Strategic BenchMark

Our own BenchMark is an 80+ question Privacy Framework based on GDPR and the UK implementation of the e-Privacy Directive, PECR. Leading you through GDPR and PECR, you’ll know your strategy for implementing and improving your Privacy Governance.

The Board will love the colour-coded, visual scores as part of your regular report. And your Privacy Team will love the breakdowns showing where to focus next.

ICO Accountability Framework

Under Government licence we’ve implemented the UK Information Commissioner’s Office’s gold-standard 338-question GDPR Accountability Framework, with all the official questions and answers. It really comes alive in SaaS!

You’ve visual scores by Keepabl as well as the UK ICO’s three status KPIs as an interactive and downloadable visual report. And if you’ve already started on their Excel, you can just upload it in seconds.

Policies & Procedures

Our popular Privacy Policy Pack contains over 30 policies, procedures, and templates from Consent to Breach, HR Privacy Notice to the website Privacy Policy, DPIA procedures and templates to Vendor Due Diligence and DPA Checklist.

Adopt them, splice them with your existing procedures, use them to train against and let people know what’s expected of them, and pop them in your Keepabl File Library.

Tactical Gap Analysis

While the BenchMark and the ICO Accountability Framework give you strategic gap analysis and direction, our awesome Activity Analysis delivers instant tactical insights into your Data Map, surfacing needed information to fast-track remediation.

We’ve guides to both gap analysis tools so you confidently understand what needs to be done, as well as demonstrate your program to auditors and regulators.

Holistic Governance

Decades of experience advising on Privacy and Security, combined with continual improvement and iteration based on feedback from customers and consultants we work with, mean we’ve developed a holistic governance framework for you right out-of-the-box.

Take a demo to see why consultants believe we save their clients 50-70% on Privacy governance.

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