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If you’ve been saddled with … sorry… if you’re dealing with GDPR for your organisation, then Privacy Kitchen is for you!

Whatever stage you’re at and whether you’re in IT or Security, Ops, Legal or Compliance … even if you’re the DPO or ‘also’ the DPO … Privacy Kitchen has free video help on topics from email marketing rules to DPOs to Brexit.

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Check out our free videos on all things Privacy.

3 Courses of video help!

BITE SIZE: 2-10 mins videos on all things GDPR and e-Privacy, from the basics to the advanced.  COFFEE BREAKS: lip-smacking 30-mins video interviews with Guest Chefs from our network and beyond.  BIGGER BITES: a smorgasbord of 45-mins virtual roundtables with panels of Guest Chefs on all things Privacy.

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Cookies in 2021: CNIL’s €135m Fines, the e-PR & Brexit!

Avoid the simple cookie errors that landed Google and Amazon €135m in combined fines in December 2020.

Don’t miss this excellent Coffee Break with Legal Monster’s fantastic Founder & CEO, Stine Mangor Tornmark as we review those huge fines, touch base on the e-Privacy Regulation and of course see how Brexit has affected your cookie practices.

What is Identity & Access Management (IAM) and how far do you need to go?

Identity & Access Management is key to Security – and to your GDPR compliance.  We’ll break it down and cover SSO, Access Control, Sharing, Password Management, 2FA and more.

To help us, we’re delighted to be joined by Shabad Chawla of techsapiens, Gene Reich of Traceless and Chris Tate of MYKI, bringing viewpoints from MSPs, customers, vendors and Privacy advisors into one panel!