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We started Privacy Kitchen® to help those dealing with GDPR and Privacy as a whole at their organisation with plain-speaking, calm, nuggets of training. We know that most people dealing with Privacy aren’t full-time Privacy pros, they’re professionals in IT or Security, Ops or Compliance – and they’re feeling vulnerable having to handle such a beast of a task with minimal support and resources.

It’s grown fantastically and you can now use Privacy Kitchen as a full Privacy Training suite of videos for your organisation – for free.

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Short videos taking you through GDPR, PECR and more, from the high level, such as:

What is GDPR?

The 7 Principles of GDPR

10 Steps to GDPR Compliance

to the particular, such as:

Do I need a DPO?

Preparing for Breaches


ISO 27701 and GDPR

Fantastic Guest Chefs share their experience operationalising Privacy

We’ve remarkable Guest Chefs for you, all happy to share their recipe for operationalising Privacy at your organisation, with tips and trick you can use immediately in your role today.

From other RegTech founders to leading Data Protection consultants to specialists in Security and implementing compliance programs, you’ll find some wonderful insights and war stories that bring compliance to life.

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