Leading Privacy and Security Consultant accelerates client’s GDPR compliance with Keepabl’s Privacy Management Software

Leading independent Privacy & Security Consultant David Clarke believes that using Keepabl accelerated his client’s compliance and will reduce ongoing costs by 50%-70%

David Clarke, a very experienced UK-based Privacy and Security consultant working with public and private organisations of all sizes, was suitably impressed when he recently used Keepabl’s Privacy Management software with a fast-growing Fintech client.

Personal data is at the very heart of the client’s business and, as a Fintech, they operate in a highly regulated industry, with onerous reporting and transparency obligations.

The client wanted to implement and maintain a world-class Privacy Framework to support their growth and meet their obligations, without stifling the team. Thanks to Keepabl’s ability to automate tasks, David and his client were able to focus on strategic priorities, with Keepabl carrying out much of the heavy lifting.

Working with the Fintech, David stated: ‘Keepabl cleverly automates many Privacy tasks for you, making compliance easier for everyone.’

David estimates that, by continuing to use Keepabl, over time, the client will save up to 70% on their ongoing Privacy compliance costs over the next 3 years. Another example of how increasing privacy spend can be a smart financial decision.

David himself has also seen operational benefits as a result of his client’s adoption of Keepabl. By integrating the GDPR solution as a key element of the project in which he worked with the Fintech, David notes: ‘Keepabl sped up the project, letting me focus more on high impact components with my client.

Read the full case study, here.

External consultants and in-house Privacy teams alike are seeing impressive results on their GDPR compliance through switching to Keepabl’s Privacy Software. We work with a range of consultants like David, each with their own specialism – and we’re happy to make recommendations! Get in touch at hello@keepabl.com with your queries. 

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