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Annual commitment, monthly subscription, based on your total employee headcount, 5% discount for upfront payment, all prices ex-VAT, Sales Tax & other taxes or duties


1 to 50

total headcount

£199 / month

Available in GBP, USD and EUR

Full Solution

1 Account


51 to 250

total headcount

£349 / month

Available in GBP, USD and EUR

Full Solution

1 Account


251 to 1,000

total headcount

£499 / month

Available in GBP, USD and EUR

Full Solution

1 Account


Groups & 1,000+

total headcount

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Available in GBP, USD and EUR

Full Solution

Multiple Accounts

Privacy Policy Pack

Can be applied to any SaaS subscription

£799 / One-off payment, free updates for life of SaaS subscription

Available in GBP, USD and EUR

Every SaaS subscription includes

Data Map

The heart of your Privacy Framework, driving your visibility, instant gap analysis and reporting!

Instant KPIs & Reporting

Article 30 Records, Breaches, Processors, Transfers... easily demonstrate status to your stakeholders, online or offline


Processor visibility, gap analysis and management, linked to Activities and Breach with instant reporting

Easy, Secure Admin

Enforce 2FA and give colleagues, prospects and investors the permissions you want

Readiness & Gap Analysis

Know where you are and where to go next, on a strategic and tactical level with our unique Activity Analysis

Risk & Breach

Visualise and manage Risk and Breach, linked to DPIAs, Activities and Processors with email alerts and instant Breach Log

Easy File Management

All your Privacy documents in one place, linked to Activities, with tailored access control

Great ROI!

Our Service Description, ROI Calculator and Case Studies demonstrate our clear value and why we’re in The RegTech100!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we pay per user?

No, our subscriptions are ‘all-you-can-eat’ based on your total headcount of employees.

Do you have a DPA?

Yes, we include our Data Processing Addendum in all our contracts and Standard Contractual Clauses for all EEA customers.

Is there a long integration?

Why should there be? It's B2B SaaS - onboarding is super simple. An activation email to your Super Admin and away you go!

Can you help with our business case?

For sure! Look in Resources for a great post on Privacy ROI, our ROI Calculator, Case Studies & Service Description

Do you do monthly subscriptions?

We don’t - GDPR compliance isn’t something you ‘set and leave’, it’s got to be ‘business as usual’ so we only offer annual commitments.

Do you have a Policy Pack?

Yes, our excellent Privacy Policy Pack has all the policies, procedures and templates you need for EU GDPR, UK GDPR and UK PECR

Do you do consulting?

We don’t but our amazing partners do! They're familiar with Keepabl and we can put you in touch with advisors to suit your project

Can we get a running start?

It's one of the best things about Keepabl - our Default Activities instantly populate your Data Map and Art 30s and our Privacy Policy Pack saves you time and stress of creating your own!

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