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Can you show us a list of all the entities involved in your organisation’s personal data processing? And can you separate them out by role, identify who your joint controllers are, and who your sub-processors are and what they do for you?

Keepabl’s new Entities Registers instantly identify all the entities in your Privacy Data Map, with role-specific reports so you can always answer key GDPR obligations quickly.


Filter by Role

Knowing which entities are in your Privacy Data Map is the fundamental hurdle.

You need to know your Joint Controllers so you can put in place your written arrangements. Your Processors so you know who you’re mostly sharing data with. And your Sub-Processors so you can show customers you know and manage your compliant Privacy Supply Chain.

Entity Drill Down

You need to know which entities are in your Data Map, in each and every role, so you can maintain good Privacy Governance. With Keepabl’s Entities Registers, you can Drill down by category of role or by individual entity to see where they appear and what they do. And because there’s always a place for Excel (we love Excel) you can download a lovely Excel with separate registers for each role – including those with no role so you can check why they’re even in your system!

You can even filter for International Organisations … we don’t meet many of you, but we know you’re out there …

Vendor Management

As you complete your Activities you’re identifying your Processors and Sub-Processors, and confirming your due diligence status. (Our Privacy Policy Pack has excellent due diligence guidance on counterparties and contracts.)

Upload your Processing Agreements as you go and they’re added to your File Library so you can easily select them in future.

See how reliant you are on certain Processors or Sub-Processors, with our automatic analysis.

Review by Activity or take a deep dive into a particular vendor to see exactly why they’re processing personal data on your behalf and how your due diligence is going on each one.

Everything’s integrated

Your Entities and Vendors registers and analysis are instantly created for you as you complete your Data Map, automatically linking each entity with their particular role on particular Activities. And you can link to them from Breaches and Rights to make managing all your ongoing obligations as simple as possible.

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