Fit4Privacy joins the Privacy Stack!

We’re delighted to welcome leading Belgium-based consultancy, Fit4Privacy, as a Privacy Stack partner!

Keepabl is delighted to welcome Fit4Privacy as a Privacy Stack partner!

We’re so happy to welcome Fit4Privacy, the leading Privacy consultancy founded by Punit Bhatia, as a Privacy Stack partner because their holistic and practical approach to Privacy compliance really echoes our own.

About Fit4Privacy

Fit4Privacy helps their clients ‘create a culture of privacy’ while making Privacy understandable and achievable. Here are just a few of their customer testimonials to show what we mean:

‘They are experts in the field of data protection for sure but it’s the ability to teach and coach that has had the biggest impact on me and my own business. Also great at seeing improvement opportunities and offering pragmatic suggestions to clients in such a way they can be implemented in their businesses with ease, and offering full support throughout.’

‘But what was really important was that they were so clear and to the point that it just seemed so much less daunting than I originally thought it was going to be. And everything they said was so easy to understand that I feel like those weights lifted off my shoulders.’

And their approach is equally holistic.  Fit4Privacy offer scenario-based training for your staff, IAPP-certification training, publish the excellent Fit4Privacy podcast and also have their own YouTube channel!

Fit4Privacy can advise clients and their DPO on the creation of a privacy strategy and policy, including raising awareness and maintaining that governance over time. Based in Belgium, Fit4Privacy has customers of all sizes and industries in countries around the world.

You can contact them at

About Privacy Stack®

The Privacy Stack was created by Keepabl as a structure to help understand what’s needed for Privacy compliance, from external advisory, to a tech stack, to internal team members, and to identify potentially helpful solutions in each space.  We’ve recently extended Privacy Stack to encompass our relationships with consultants and other advisors who we feel match our approach to Privacy compliance to help operationalise Privacy compliance for clients with plain-language, practical advice.

If you’re a vendor or advisor that knows GDPR backwards and can really help those operationalising GDPR to ‘get the job done’, then contact us about joining the Privacy Stack at!

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