Keepabl named GDPR Company of the Year 2019

CIO Applications Europe recognises our focus on the customer & getting the job done


Having previously been selected as a Top 10 GDPR Provider 2019 by CIO Applications Europe, Keepabl was asked to become their GDPR Company of the Year 2019 in recognition of our focus on the customer’s needs and on getting the GDPR job done.

You can see more on why we won here and in the special GDPR issue of CIO Applications Europe.

We’re excited because this award recognises our product philosophy, born from our team’s unique crossover expertise and experience, combining years of legal and SaaS experience with our founder’s 13+ years as General Counsel of VC-backed SaaS companies – we’re sharply focussed on helping busy business people get the GDPR job done with the minimum effort and the maximum value.

Everything in the application is there for a reason and to deliver value.  When we discuss product features and the roadmap, we always put any proposal through that prism.  If it doesn’t deliver value or help get the job done, it’s not included.  If it does, we look at how it should be delivered to best fit with our customers’ workflow – and we involve our customers and advisors in that process.

Looking ahead, we’ll be announcing our first PRIVACY STACK® partners soon!  The PRIVACY STACK is a methodology for how customers and MSPs can best understand what’s required to get the GDPR job done.  We’ve been formalising relationships with our friends at the best GDPR consultancies, law firms, encryption providers, data discovery providers and more and, through the PRIVACY STACK, we and our partners can introduce you to the full suite of GDPR services and technologies – again, with everything there for a reason and everything delivering value.

So do contact us if you’re looking for a holistic GDPR solution for your own Privacy Governance – we’d love to discuss our SaaS solution and Privacy Policy Pack (you can’t have governance without one) – and if you’re an MSP or provider looking to complete your GDPR offering to your customers.

We’re excited about being named GDPR Company of the Year 2019 (thank you again CIO Applications Europe) and even more so at the exciting times ahead!

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