Keepabl welcomes MSP Cloudbox!

Cloudbox, the international-growing MSP, adds Keepabl to its ‘all-in-one’ offer: Cloudbox Financial

We’re delighted that leading international MSP Cloudbox have included Keepabl in their new all-in-one offering: Cloudbox Financial!

Keepabl’s technology offers Cloudbox and their clients efficiency, consistency and automation in managing the on-going GDPR process.  Using and recommending Keepabl’s SaaS compliance software to clients allows Cloudbox to provide high-value strategic data protection response service.  It’s in customers’ hands already.

Cloudbox understood the value of privacy concerns for their customers.  A partnership with Keepabl was perfect to demonstrate their commitment to the data protection field and to scaling their offer.  The new ‘Cloudbox Financial’ solution is the final result: it helps customers manage risks around data privacy, as well as various regulatory and compliance needs of asset managers and hedge funds.

As Nick Goodenough, Director at Cloudbox, notes, ‘Keepabl has always been regarded as MSP-friendly and a leader in the field so we were curious to see what their GDPR solution could offer.’  Nick continues, ‘Our partnership with Keepabl means that we can enable our customers to tackle all of these issues at the same time, through innovative technology that simplifies compliance, including Article 30 Records and data breach notification, and reduces the risks inherent in the highly complex GDPR framework.

Cloudbox Case Study

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