London MSP uses Keepabl to power its GDPR services

Techsapiens turbocharges its GDPR services with Keepabl

Techsapiens, the London-based MSP, delivers high-value GDPR service to long-term customer, Kounoupias IP, using Keepabl.

MSPs already work with their customers on technology and more. But when customers ask their MSP about GDPR, it can be a scary prospect. MSPs aren’t law firms, and fines can be very high!  So how do MSPs take advantage of this consultancy opportunity, look after this daily necessity for their customers, and get recurring revenue at the same time?

As Techsapiens’ CEO, Shabad Chawla, notes: ‘Our customers already trust us with their data, their technology and their security. We’d already been providing compliance advice on GDPR and were looking for a simple and comprehensive tool we could use with customers to deliver our vCPO offering.’  Shabad continues, ‘We implemented Keepabl ourselves first, and we’ve now implemented Keepabl with a professional services customer.  We couldn’t recommend Keepabl more: it’s simple, comprehensive and lets you cover GDPR in a practical way for customers.

Techsapiens Case Study

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