Audit Logs as they should be

You need to be able to check what’s changed on your Activities, Breaches and other Privacy and Security records. So, as well as our full Audit Log module, we’ve brought individual Audit Logs into each and every Record, allowing you to check what’s happened right there and then!
Audit Logs in Activities

We’ve had a fantastic 2023 in many ways. We’re particularly proud of how our solution has charged forward, based on customer feedback as always.

One of the things we’re really chuffed about might surprise you.

This year, we released Rights, Languages (German, Italian, French and Spanish), major updates to the Breach module, Form Builder and more. All of these are huge ticket items for your compliance, included for free in your subscription.

But we’re geekily in love with our Audit Logs.


What are audit logs?

Audit logs capture changes to an application or database. In SaaS, they let you investigate incidents and changes, seeing who did what, when, in which part of the solution.

The main benefits of audit logs for an organisation are security and auditability. This visibility lets admins know what’s happened and decide if any remediation is needed. Perfect for investigating suspicious activity or tracking the timeline of events.


Audit Logs in Keepabl

For Keepabl’s Privacy and Security compliance software, audit logs automatically capture all changes to your database in your Keepabl account and are your central source of truth and visibility of all changes made within your Keepabl app.

You’ve always got a full Audit Log module in Account Settings > Audit Log if you’ve got the right permissions). This is a full record of changes to your database in Keepabl and you can search for changes in different modules, users etc.


Now even better

We know the value of good audit logs ourselves, and that it can be annoying to have to search all the history when you’re interested in a particular event.

That’s why we’ve introduced Audit Logs for each individual Record in Keepabl. You can now see individual record Audit Logs in Activities, Breaches, Rights, and Tasks, easily found in the tab next to Notes.

Audit Logs in Activities

Having Audit Logs for each Record right there on that Record makes your life so much easier. You can immediately delve in and see what’s changes in that Record without having to search for it in the full Audit Log history.


Demo in your diary?

Request a Keepabl demo today to see for yourself what benefits and rewards our award winning Privacy management tool can bring to you and your organisation.




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