Keepabl’s Forms automate Rights and Breaches

The perfect way to intake Rights and Breaches, your Forms are fully customisable, each with their own URL so you can put them on your website or intranet, triggering instant alerts when a new Record is entered - you won’t miss a thing
Forms flowchart

Keepabl’s easy-to-use Form Builder automates your intake of new data subject rights and suspected breaches, powering your ongoing Privacy and Security compliance.

Make Forms available to your team, your processors – and the general public – so they can submit these key compliance events straight into your Keepabl account.


Form Builder’s automation benefits


Keepabl Forms

Form Builder massively increases your Compliance team’s productivity and speed of reaction: 

  • Unlimited online Forms – automate the capture of Rights and suspected Breaches, eliminating manual entry or re-entry of data by your response team.
  • Choose what you include – select which questions to include (and even which answers) in your Forms, so you only present what each audience needs to see.
  • Tailor the wording – edit the wording of questions (and even the answers) to suit each Form’s audience, to maximise understanding and minimise issues.
  • Instant alerts on new submissions – give your team peace of mind you’ll not overlook these key life-of-compliance events and enable them to meet deadlines such as GDPR’s 72 hours to notify certain breaches to regulators.
  • Internal and external – make Forms available on your Privacy Policy to intake Rights from the public, on your intranet for your colleagues to submit Rights and report suspected Breaches to your response teams, and give your processors an easy way to fulfil their reporting obligations to you.
  • Integrated with your Keepabl account – instantly see all Rights and Breaches in your Rights Log and Breach Log for easy management, automate allocation to initial assignees and more.
  • Immutable copy of submissions – we create an immutable PDF of each Form fill, stored right there on the relevant Record, so you can easily confirm what was initially submitted in case of future disagreement. 


Easily create your Forms

It’s super simple to create or edit Forms in Keepabl. 

  1. Simply drag and drop any of the questions in our Rights or Breach Record from the left hand side into your Form on the right hand side
  2. Move questions into any order you wish. 
  3. Edit the wording to suit your audience by clicking the pencil icon next to each question, description line, or answer. 
  4. Make the question required or optional. 

Change your mind? Remove a question or any unnecessary answers by using the dustbin icon. Simple.



You can change the wording in questions and answers and even choose which answers to make available. But do keep the wording relevant to the original question or answer, because we report on them. So, for example:

  • if the original question is ‘what is the individual’s name?’ keep that question about the name, and
  • if you want to edit the ‘Delete answer, keep it related to deletion, such as ‘Erase my data’. 

Upload your company’s branding into each Form at any time, and have a different logo for each Form if you want.

You can preview your Form at any time, to make sure it looks right for your target audience and has the questions and answers you want. This is a great tool for reviewing changes. preview before going live and, if a Form is already live, preview any changes before you hit Save.


Unique URLs and immutable copy

Each Form has its own unique URL, which you can use behind a button or link on your intranet or website, so that Rights and Breaches can be easily submitted straight into your Keepabl account.

When somebody fills out your Form using one of the URLs, we’ll automatically create an immutable PDF for you of that submission, and attach it to that Record. Invaluable to access or download at any time to resolve any dispute as to what was originally submitted.

Form Fill PDF


Not a Keepabl User yet? Poor Form!

Request a Keepabl demo today to see how the benefits of our Form Builders can help you and your business easily automate and manage inbound requests.



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