The Launch of Languages in Keepabl

Ciao! Guten Tag! We’re thrilled to announce another major enhancement to Keepabl to make your experience even more accessible and user-friendly - the launch of Languages
Languages in Keepabl

In a world where we’re more connected than ever, we understand the importance of effective communication, especially for groups and international businesses. 

Keepabl is committed to making our Privacy Management Software as friendly, easy to use, and accessible as possible – which is why we’re excited to launch Languages!  


High-Quality German and Italian Translations

We’ve started our journey into the world of Languages with high-quality German and Italian translations by native-speaking experts, and we’re delighted to announce that they are already live in the app, ready to go – at no extra cost to our customers.  

What’s translated?

All ‘Keepabl text’ is translated, meaning any wording you cannot change as a user. 

  • This includes menus, dashboards, system buttons, and questions in Activities, Breaches and Rights. 
  • This is so that your Users can see the app, and fulfil their role, all in their own language.

What’s not translated?

The only wording not translated is ‘Your text’, meaning any text that you input and control in the app – this will remain in the language in which you write it. 

  • This includes free text boxes and wording that you edit, such as categories of personal data or data subjects you process about.
  • It’s your text, it should stay as you wrote it!


Free right now!

Keepabl values its customers’ loyalty and support, which is why languages are fully integrated into the whole Keepabl solution FREE of charge as part of an existing customer subscription. 


Flexible and Super Easy To Manage

As with everything in Keepabl, we’ve kept Languages super simple while giving your organisation and users control and flexibility. You can set languages at an organisational or individual level. 

Super users can set the default language in Your Organisation for the entire organisation

Languages in Keepabl

Individual users can change their default language preference in My Account, regardless of organisation settings

User Language Settings Keepabl

Future Languages

We’re not stopping at German and Italian! Next up is French and Spanish, with more to follow. Stay tuned for further updates. 


Say Arrivederci to spreadsheets! 

Excel Spreadsheets are great for a lot of things… managing Privacy is not one of them.

See how easy Privacy management can be – request a Keepabl demo today



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