Announcing SSO for Keepabl!

Joining least privilege access and 2FA as SaaS Security best practice, we're delighted to announce SSO has come to Keepabl

Keepabl now supports Single Sign-On (SSO), one of the pillars of Identity and Access Management (IAM) and best practice in securing your SaaS solutions. 


The 3 Fundamentals of IAM

Keepabl empowers you to comply with your Security obligations with three key security features of IAM:

  1. least privilege access,
  2. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and
  3. Single Sign-on (SSO).

You can learn more about our excellent SaaS Security suite. As we’ve just launched SSO, let’s tell you more about that!


Single Sign-On (SSO)

Imagine a 50-person organisation using 50 different SaaS solutions in their workplace. That’s 2,500 combinations of email and password! Even with password managers and 2FA, that’s also still a large number of apps for your employees to log into, and for your IT and Security managers to run.

Enter Single Sign-On (or SSO), the next level on Identity and Access Management (IAM).

As the name suggests, with SSO your employees just need to sign into a single place (such as your work intranet) to be given instant access to all the solutions they need for their role, without the need to sign into any of them.

To use SSO, your organisation will have selected a specialist third party provider (such as Okta, OneLogin or Azure AD) as your Identity Provider. You then link your Service Providers (such as Keepabl) to your chosen Identity Provider. This has many advantages, the main two being:

  • it’s much more efficient (and more secure) for organisations than managing their users in each of 50 separate systems, and
  • it’s much easier (and more secure) for employees, as they only have one password, not 50.


Help with SSO

We’ve addressed the key questions in a series of great help pages:

  • What is SSO? deals with your key questions,
  • our awesome Admin Guide to SSO shows how it works in Keepabl, and different user types, and
  • we’ve simple-to-follow steps to set up SSO with Okta and OneLogin, our supported Identity Providers. Watch this space as we’re adding more shortly. If you use a different IdP, let us know, we’re adding more over time.


See how Keepabl can help you

And if you’re looking for a way to establish an intuitive, robust Privacy framework, and like the sound of all the benefits our customers enjoy, see how Keepabl can get you there, fast.

Request your demo now.


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