The EU AI Act: an infographic

We've drawn out 9 Key Takeaways from the press releases by the European Parliament and the Council of Europe on the provisional agreement on the EU AI Act
The EU AI Act

8 December 2023 saw provisional agreement on the EU AI Act after days of heavy negotiation and heavy lobbying.

9 December 2023 saw press releases from the European Parliament and Council of Europe, proclaiming this groundbreaking AI law, balancing the need to protect fundamental rights and freedoms of living individuals, with the need for Europe to be able to compete strongly in the AI era – which will also benefit individuals in the EEA.


9 Key Takeaways

With our eye on operational compliance, we’ve pulled together 9 Key Takeaways on the EU AI Act from the press releases and put them in an eye-pleasing infographic. We hope you find it useful.

And keep coming back as we add more and more material to help you and your organisation get to grips with this new age of work.


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