Understanding AI with Kelwin Fernandes (Part 2)

Part 2 of the latest Privacy Kitchen series titled ‘Understanding AI’ with Kelwin Fernandes is here! Keepabl’s CEO Robert Baugh continues his discussion with Kelwin, discussing key AI topics in a way that’s easy to understand for those trying to come to terms with AI at their organisation.

This is Part 2 of our exciting 3-part series: ‘Understanding AI’, where our CEO Robert Baugh chats through key AI topics with special guest Kelwin Fernandes, the founder of Nilg.ai.

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If you’ve not watched Part 1 we recommend you watch that first, where we deal with what AI is, which organisations are using it most, which teams are using it most, and lots more. 

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Understanding AI: Part 2

Part 2 is online now and covers:

  • 00:30 Training Data & Evolution
  • 02:23 Supervised vs Unsupervised Models
  • 04:23 What is an Input?
  • 06:08 Accuracy: Improve Input or Model?
  • 06:47 Retention: Input vs Model
  • 07:49 Inputs: Risk of Disclosure
  • 10:55 Outputs: Creation, Hallucination, Interpolation 
  • 15:21 Data Shift, Model Shift & MLOps

Here’s a taster:


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Kelwin Fernandes & Nilg.ai

Kelwin Fernandes is CEO and Founder of Nilg.ai with a PhD in Computer Science (Machine Learning). As well as being as technical as they come on AI, Kelwin is expert in explaining AI to non-technical people so they’re equipped to make the right decisions. 

Founded in 2018, Nilg.Ai helps to guide organisations in using AI to improve their business processes. The main aim of Nilg.Ai is to help every company across the globe make efficient and adaptable decisions at scale based on data. They believe that AI is the single tool that allows this. Their vision is to be the standard for AI adoption, making any company highly efficient, ever-improving, and adaptable.

With a company with such a keen eye and passion around AI, Kelwin was the perfect guest to invite on Privacy Kitchen.


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