Privacy Kitchen Passes 4,000 Subscribers

Privacy Kitchen passes 4k subscribers with its full menu for those looking after Privacy at their organisation: over 4,000 subscribers, over 12,000 hours of watch-time, and over 160,000 views
4,000 subscribers Privacy Kitchen

The Keepabl team is so proud to announce that Privacy Kitchen® has surged past a significant milestone, with over 4,000 subscribers!

privacy Kitchen 4k subscribers


Thank you!

As we celebrate this incredible achievement, we want to thank our subscribers and viewers around the world for supporting our mission to make Privacy accessible and enjoyable – and making compliance achievable.

These videos are a lifesaver!

We really appreciate your messages telling us that our videos are helping you in times of need, and being used to help pass exams, to train colleagues, to simply have a reminder on a particular topic.


Why Privacy Kitchen?

Here at Keepabl, our ‘Start with the Why’ is to joyfully use tech to solve people’s headaches and make them feel happier.

While we were talking about how our award-winning Privacy Management Software makes Privacy compliance so easy, we noticed we were always being asked the same questions over and over about GDPR, email marketing rules and broader Privacy compliance.

We realised the people we were talking to, those looking after Privacy at their organisation, are usually not Privacy pros. As Cisco reports, they’re usually professionals in other domains, such as IT or Security, who’ve been thrown GDPR and Privacy on top of their normal day job. These are our people!

Cisco Location of Privacy Office 2022


That’s why we started Privacy Kitchen, our free training channel on all things Privacy. We wanted to answer those many questions in a fun, convenient, colourful and innovative way.
And it’s called Privacy Kitchen because we started it in lockdown and our CEO, Robert, filmed them all in his kitchen. What better than a cup of coffee while you watch a bite-size video on whatever Privacy question is on your mind?

You can see all our videos [YouTube cookies and privacy policies apply] here and please do subscribe while you’re there to keep up to date with all new videos.


Our software makes it easy too!

If you think our Privacy Kitchen videos make understanding Privacy simple, you should see how our award-winning Privacy Management Software makes it simple and intuitive to put in place and maintain your Privacy Governance, with lots of ways to get started super fast and huge amounts of instant reporting.

You’ll be a Privacy superhero at your organisation in no time!

Get your demo today!



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