Understanding AI with Kelwin Fernandes (Part 1)

New to AI or want a refresher from a business perspective? We've a great 3-part series over on our free Privacy Kitchen YouTube channel where our CEO Robert Baugh chats through key AI topics with special guest Kelwin Fernandes, the Founder of Nilg.ai.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has had significant impact on the world in the last decade, and it’s only accelerating. 

The enormous leaps forward in research, development, and accessibility have meant that the popularity and interest surrounding AI has grown exponentially with no signs of slowing down. 

This means busy professionals dealing with Privacy, Security, IT, Ops and Compliance have to race to get to grips with the fundamentals and then build rapidly on that knowledge to handle questions and challenges on operationalising AI at their organisation – cue Privacy Kitchen!


Understanding AI

No longer a buzzword among niche tech groups, or a futuristic concept in a science fiction blockbuster, AI is now a part of everyday conversation and has the potential to revolutionise the way industries work moving forward.

AI Benefits

There is no doubt that introducing AI has the potential to bring a wealth of benefits to organisations, such as efficiency with automation, in-depth data analysis, and cost savings. 

There are clear success stories in healthcare and commercial opportunities from chatbots to customer analysis, content drafting to coding co-pilots.

AI Risks

But it’s still early days for operationalising AI and there are big question marks around how reliable – or dangerous – AI is.

There’s also a range of compliance issues such as:

  • What does AI mean for Security and Privacy?
  • What about data ethics and bias?
  • What do you need to know about implementing and maintaining AI?
  • Is it true you shouldn’t be inputting personal data and intellectual property like source code?
  • How do you upskill your organisation as appropriate to handle AI?


Privacy Kitchen: Understanding AI

The awesome 3-part Privacy Kitchen video series, Understanding AI, sees Keepabl CEO, Robert Baugh discuss all things AI with Kelwin Fernandes, CEO of Nilg.ai, in a digestible and insightful interview series that puts AI in the business context.

Part 1 of 3

Part 1 is online now and covers:

  • What is AI?
  • AI vs ML vs LLM vs …
  • Examples of everyday AI
  • Which orgs are using AI?
  • Which teams are using AI?

Here’s a taster:


If you found the above clip insightful then check out the full video on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to Privacy Kitchen to catch Parts 2 and 3, coming very soon and covering topics like Machine Intelligence, examples of everyday AI, supervised vs unsupervised, model and data creep and more!


Kelwin Fernandes & Nilg.ai

Kelwin Fernandes is CEO and Founder of Nilg.ai with a PhD in Computer Science (Machine Learning). As well as being as technical as they come, Kelwin is expert in explaining AI to non-technical people so they’re equipped to make the right decisions.

Founded in 2018, Nilg.Ai helps to guide organisations in using AI to improve their business processes. The main aim of Nilg.Ai is to help every company across the globe make efficient and adaptable decisions at scale based on data. They believe that AI is the single tool that allows this. Their vision is to be the standard for AI adoption, making any company highly efficient, ever-improving, and adaptable.

With a company with such a keen eye and passion around AI, Kelwin was the perfect guest to invite on Privacy Kitchen.


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