Privacy Kitchen on Cookies in 2021, with Stine Tornmark from Legal Monster

Stine takes us through CNIL's €135m cookie fines (and how to avoid those simple errors), the draft e-Privacy Regulation and Brexit!

Watch the video here!

In this excellent interview with Stine Mangor Tornmark, Founder & CEO of Legal Monster, we run through the Top Tips and Key Developments on cookies in 2021, including:

  • the simple errors that led Google & Amazon to be fined €135m by CNIL and how to easily avoid them,
  • what a cookie notice needs to have / do,
  • is the draft e-Privacy Reg evolution or revolution?
  • the draft e-PR’s jurisdiction, covering publishers in non-EEA countries,
  • what Brexit means for UK companies on cookies,
  • what’s happening with 3rd party cookies, and
  • 5 Top Tips on cookies in 2021!

For example, did you know that CNIL, the French Data Protection Authority, recently wrote to the top 1,000 websites in France to remind them of the 31 March 2021 deadline for complying with their new detailed guidance on cookies? If you were to get such a letter, are you in a good place?


CNIL’s October 2020 Updated Guidelines on Cookies

UK ICO on cookies

CJEU Planet 49 Decision, October 2019

Council of the EU Press Release on adoption of draft e-Privacy Regulation

Draft e-Privacy Regulation adopted by Council of the EU, 10 Feb 2021

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