Privacy Kitchen races to 500 Subscribers on YouTube!

Privacy Kitchen - FREE video help on GDPR and all things Privacy - hits a great milestone as we continue our mission to satisfy the business world’s hunger for digestible, plain-language information on operationalising Privacy.
Privacy Kitchen reaches 500 YouTube Subscribers

Here at Keepabl, our ‘Start with the Why’ is to joyfully use tech to solve people’s headaches and make them feel happier.  Proud as we are of our award-winning Privacy SaaS and Policy Pack, our free video channel Privacy Kitchen®, launched during lockdown in the middle of last year, has really hit a home run.  


Why Privacy Kitchen?

True to our ‘Why’, the free videos deliver view-anywhere/anytime videos focusing on plain language, non-judgemental information, tips, tricks and potholes on all things Privacy.  

We hit on the need for Privacy Kitchen when we reviewed 2019 and saw 3 key findings:

Most people dealing with GDPR are not Privacy professionals

They’re professionals in IT, Security, Ops or Compliance who had been thrown GDPR because it was ‘more similar to what they did’ than anyone else.  GDPR was another, high risk, high detail, responsibility on their already crowded plate.

They’re feeling very exposed and vulnerable for that reason

…They aren’t privacy pros!  The rest of the business had happily washed their hands of GDPR and said ‘[Jo]’s got it, we’re good’, without giving them any resources.  

One DPO we spoke to even confessed to feeling more worried, not less, after each webinar they attended as they were all about ‘what AI are you using’ and ‘how to manage an international Privacy team’, when they were still trying to get their records of processing in place.

They’re desperate for real-world, practical information on operationalising Privacy

When prospects found out that our Founder & CEO, Robert Baugh, has years of experience as a Privacy lawyer and in their shoes as the customer (as General Counsel of VC-backed SaaS companies), sales demos rapidly became longer agony-aunt sessions.

As well as the wonderful confirmation we’re creating the right GDPR Compliance Software for the right people, Privacy Kitchen was the obvious answer!  


Easily-digestible Privacy content

Created while many of us were working from home in our kitchens, Privacy Kitchen is a growing buffet of bite-sized GDPR help videos, presented by Privacy expert and our Founder & CEO, Robert Baugh, breaking down small topics in the time it takes to drink a coffee.

Privacy Kitchen 10 Steps to GDPR Compliance

We’ve served up a smorgasbord of easily-digestible Privacy content, across the range of Privacy issues, including:

(Privacy Notice: Privacy Kitchen videos are native on LinkedIn and hosted in our YouTube channel. By clicking to view our videos, you’ll be accepting YouTube’s Privacy Policy and their use of cookies)

And we’ve super valuable interviews and panel discussions with awesome Guest Chefs, leading lights in the world of real-life Privacy Ops, bringing their tips and expertise for you to use in your job right now, such as:

The videos are posted natively on LinkedIn and on our YouTube channel, which has raced to the first milestone of 500 subscribers!


Get the kettle on!

We’re delighted to receive all the feedback, thank you, and that more and more people are finding Privacy Kitchen a calm, reassuring voice amongst all the noise on operationalising GDPR.

We hope you do too!

Subscribe now and see how we help you build out your Privacy Framework step by step.  And do let us know the topics you want us to cover.

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