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Keepabl's Award-winning GDPR Solution

Data Map

Keepabl makes your personal data inventory - your key first task - super simple.

As you complete Activities, we instantly create your Article 30 Records, Activity Analysis, Processors, Transfers and so much more.

Gap Analysis

You'll need good gap analysis to drive your remediation actions and for your compliance project to succeed.

Keepabl's BenchMark, automatic Scores, and instant Activity Analysis light the way to GDPR compliance.

Risk Map

Keepabl's Impact Assessment Procedures lead you through assessing privacy risk, with template and specimen DPIAs.

As you complete Activities, Keepabl creates your Risk Map so you can zero in on high-risk Activities.


Easily record suspected breaches into Keepabl. With only 72 hours if you need to notify regulators, Keepabl's instant email alerts mean your team can respond fast.

Your instant Breach Log helps you manage breaches and links to Processors for easy investigation.


“With Keepabl’s solution, the team can now easily manage ongoing compliance across 3 countries, with everything in one place. Keepabl’s Dashboard helpfully visualises our GDPR KPIs. We can give stakeholders tailored access, and we can work more efficiently with our external advisers. All this saves me lots of time – and stress!”

Alison Jackson, Office Manager, MML Capital

“Our partnership with Keepabl means that we can enable our customers to tackle all of these [GDPR] issues at the same time, through innovative technology that simplifies compliance, including Article 30 Records and data breach notification, and reduces the risks inherent in the highly complex GDPR framework.”

Nick Goodenough, Director at Cloudbox

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