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GDPR Compliance Made Easy

Data Map

You can't manage what you can't measure.  Record the personal data you process using a simple web form for each Activity (such as 'Recruiting' or 'Email marketing').  As with all our service, we give you a head start with a set of templates to adapt.

Instant Reports

As you complete Activities, you'll instantly and automatically create your Article 30 Records, Processor and Transfer Registers, and valuable reports, such as where you process children's personal data or processing agreements need updating.  Well done you!

Gap Analysis

See your instant gap analysis as you answer the BenchMark's questions, designed to cover GDPR and UK e-Privacy regulations.  An overall score, and scores for 7 and then 17 sub-areas, show your progress and where to target next.

Library & Training

Where do your employees go to see policies, procedures, processing agreements and impact assessments? The Library is your single location for all your privacy documents. And if you need policies and procedures, we have a great Policy Pack for you!


Keepabl’s SaaS solution takes you through the process to get – and stay – compliant with GDPR and UK e-Privacy regulations.

Get compliant – As you record your Activities, we automatically create your necessary records for GDPR (the Article 30 Records) as well as valuable records and reports to help with your remediation steps.  The BenchMark’s instant scoring lets you immediately see your progress to report to the board, and deep dive to see areas that need further work.  By following Keepabl’s intuitive system, you’ll have policies and procedures, as well as proof of training, impact assessments and logs, to show your compliance status.

Stay compliant – So you’re compliant!  Congratulations!  But what now?  Well, just like other governance areas such as FCA regs and information security, there’s personnel training on induction, changes and refreshers.  There’s impact assessments for new Activities.  Processors (your suppliers) to vet on induction and annually.  And the constant need to act quickly if you suspect a personal data breach.  Plus the constant requests from stakeholders, which brings us to…

Show your compliance – by following Keepabl’s system, you’ll have policies and procedures, as well as proof of training, impact assessments and logs, to show stakeholders your compliance status.  All in one, simple, cloud-based system – Keepabl’s Privacy-as-a-Service.

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