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  • Say goodbye to spreadsheets

    Create your Privacy Framework and manage all your Privacy obligations in one easy-to-use app. There's always a place for Excel, we love it! But from tailored dashboards, instant reporting, SaaS security, and unlimited customisable Forms, there's a reason you use SaaS for Sales, Finance and HR - and SaaS brings the same benefits to ongoing Privacy Governance.

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  • Your 1st job on GDPR

    Your Data Map is your fundamental Privacy Governance task. It drives your decisions as you achieve and maintain compliance. Ours is super simple to update and we instantly create all your valuable, and automatic, reports and analysis.

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  • Showcase your compliance

    No more panic when the Board asks where you are on Privacy compliance. Or wondering what your next step is to support sales and fly through due diligence. Keepabl's instant reports allow you to easily and beautifully demonstrate your levels of compliance.

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  • Intake to Response

    Intake Breaches with unlimited, customisable Forms with instant alerts so your team can act fast and report breaches within the 72 hour deadline if necessary. Help on managing Breaches, including the notification decision, with instant Breach Log and personal dashboards. Manage and minimise Privacy risk with a visual Risk Map, and live gap analysis on your Assessment coverage, giving you all the information you need to take action.

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Keepabl's Award-winning Privacy Solution

The Swiss Army Knife of Privacy Governance
  • Data Mapping

    Your Data Map is your fundamental Privacy task. Keepabl allows you to compile all of your Activities intuitively, automatically creating your Article 30 Records for when you’re a controller – and when you’re a processor. With a clear Data Map, you're easily able to achieve and maintain Privacy compliance.

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  • Records of Processing

    No more panic trying to find the right spreadsheet - or spending days and calling customer support to find your Article 30 Records! With Keepabl, they're instantly created, right there for online sharing or easy download. And not just as controller, we instantly create your processor Art 30s too.

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  • Gap Analysis

    Check your strategic readiness using Keepabl's BenchMark or the UK ICO's Accountability Framework. As you go, Keepabl instantly creates Your Scores and shows you where to focus next. Watch your scores shoot up as you make progress!

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  • Risk Management

    Keepabl’s Impact Assessment Procedures, with tried and tested template and specimen DPIAs, lead you through Privacy risk analysis, while our software ensures you address risk for each Activity, creating your instant Risk Map and your full, interactive Privacy Risk Register.

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  • Breach Management

    Capture Breaches with unlimited, customisable Forms or enter suspected them straight into Keepabl. With only 72 hours to report certain breach to regulators, our instant alerts enable your response team to act rapidly and guides you through the process.

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  • Processor Management

    As you complete your Data Map, we instantly create your Vendor Management reports, with interactive, downloadable insights on your supply chain, helping you identify due diligence gaps and how to remediate them, coupled with our Privacy Policy Pack's policy and procedures.

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  • Transfers

    After Schrems II, transfers have taken on a whole new importance in Privacy Governance! We tease out transfers and instantly create your Transfer Register so you can identify problems and put in place appropriate safeguards.

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  • Policies & Procedures

    Just like your Security compliance, your Privacy compliance needs a readable, achievable set of policies and procedures that reflect what you do and that you can train against according to each person's role. Our super popular Privacy Policy Pack is part of our commitment to get you up and running before you know it.

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  • Data Subject Rights

    Poor handling of Rights (DSRs) are the single biggest source of complaints to the UK ICO. Don't be part of that crew, have a great system in place to manage Rights. Even if you rarely receive a DSR (lucky you), you still need to show you've a great system in place as part of Privacy's Accountability Principle. Unlimited, customisable Forms to intake from your Privacy Policy, your intranet of your processors so you never miss these key compliance events.

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See why our customers love us

Hear from our customers (and our awards) about our innovation, customer focus, and the benefits you'll enjoy
  • RegTech100 2023 2022 2021

    ‘The world’s most innovative RegTech companies that every leader in the regulatory industry needs to know about' in 2021 - and in 2022 - and in 2023!

    RegTech100 2021, 2022 & 2023

    Mariyan Dimitrov, Director of Research, RegTech Analyst

    ‘As we were using spreadsheets previously, it was hard to see the areas we needed to work on. Having everything in one place really highlighted where our gaps were, and Keepabl has allowed us to work on those areas.'

    Times Higher Education

    Andrew Foreman, Head of IT

    Keepabl saves 50 to 70% on ongoing Privacy compliance

    'Their holistic solution really accelerates compliance activities and I believe will save my clients 50-70% of their ongoing Privacy compliance over the next 3 years.’

    Leading Privacy & Security Consultant

    David Clarke

  • 'We moved to Keepabl as it’s much simpler than our previous service yet better in dealing with multiple entities. It makes ongoing compliance and reporting easier, and its breach and risk modules are really excellent.'

    Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management (UK & Europe)

    Anna Trickey, Group Head of Compliance

    'Signing up was simple and onboarding was fast. Keepabl’s solution has helped us optimise our Privacy Governance and made it much easier for us to maintain our ongoing compliance.’


    Data Protection Officer

    ‘Reviewing the Keepabl KPIs and reports provides the information we need to ensure we are meeting requirements for data privacy management. With Keepabl, we have a more efficient way of maintaining the details and analysing risks.’

    St Giles Trust

    Malcolm Walker, Deputy Chief Executive

  • MML Capital

    ‘With Keepabl’s solution, the team can now easily manage ongoing compliance across 3 countries, with everything in one place. Keepabl’s Dashboard helpfully visualises our GDPR KPIs. We can give stakeholders tailored access, and we can work more efficiently with our external advisers. All this saves me lots of time – and stress!‘

    MML Capital

    Alison Jackson


    'We’ve worked with many document packs for GDPR – you can’t have compliance without everyone knowing what’s expected of them - and without a doubt, Keepabl’s Privacy Policy Pack is far and away the easiest to read and the easiest to put in place.'

    Cybata Ltd

    Chris Roberts


    'Easy to use, time saving, good value for money.'


    Head of Legal

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We’ll use this data to arrange your demo and provide the service to you. We’ll process it in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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