Keepabl's 2nd birthday!

A look back at an amazing 2 years & thanks to everyone for making it possible

Keepabl turns 2 on 2nd November 2019!

Amazing to think we’ll be 2 years old tomorrow – the years have disappeared almost as quickly as this cake!  It’s a great time to look back and to thank all those who have made it possible and become part of the Keepabl family.

This time 2 years ago I was creating the prototypes to test my hypotheses, like a good lean startup founder.  Those prototypes then iterated through a low-fidelity MVP into a high-fidelity MVP with feedback from over 50 customers, before we pulled the trigger on the SaaS product confident we had confirmed those hypotheses and iterated the early product at the coal face.  We started building out the team and the SaaS product came out of beta in September 2018, just 13 months ago, raised our first funding, and we’ve been iterating and growing ever since.

That lean startup approach has worked its magic (thank you Steve Blank and Eric Ries!).  In our direct activities, we’ve won passionate customers in 7 countries, from microbusinesses to international listed enterprises, won GDPR Company of the Year 2019 and had customer feedback drive our agile product roadmap (and provide tons of referrals, testimonials and case studies!).

In our indirect activities, after great feedback from MSPs on the product when we launched our Partner Program just 12 months ago (and robust feedback on their preferred model!), we already have our first cohort of great MSP partners bringing in their first Keepabl-powered Compliance-as-a-Service customers, an award-winning distributor in the UK in Zedsphere, thought leader and face-of-the-MSP-industry Richard Tubb as an incredible Advisor, and FIVE finalist nominations for innovation in the channel awards, including TWO for security for our awesome Breach solution.  And we’re lighting up Fintech with recognition from The Fintech Power 50 and our partnership with Alpha Reply, part of the €bn Reply Group, offering a vDPO service for banks to offer their business banking customers to reduce risk and accelerate rewards.

And we’ve successful though-leadership in our BPM Index® which tracks personal data breach notifications across the EEA, which we normalise by millions of population (BMP Pop) and businesses (BPM Biz), and our PrivacyStack® which makes it easy for partners and customers alike to see the services they need for GDPR compliance as no one provider can cover it all.  I’m incredibly proud that such great organisations as Folding Space, Beachhead Solutions, Myki and more have become Privacy Stack partners!

I have to thank all in the industry for such a warm welcome, particularly all at CompTIA and the MSP industry at large.  Such a great industry to be part of, so collaborative, forward-looking and supportive.

That’s almost all been in the last 13 months!  We’re incredibly excited about the next year and beyond as we build on our vision, always following our ‘Why’ (from Simon Sinek’s Start with the Why):

‘to joyfully use tech to solve people’s headaches and make them happier’

If you want to be happier about compliance, get in touch and let’s make the next year even more amazing!


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