Consent Capture Services becomes a Privacy Stack Partner

We're delighted to welcome this leading Data Subject Access Request provider into Privacy Stack!

Consent Capture Services becomes a Privacy Stack Partner

We’re delighted to welcome Content Capture Services as Privacy Stack Partners!

Data Subject Access Rights (DSARs)

A Data Subject Access Request, or DSAR, is one of the key rights under GDPR. We’ve all had this right for decades under previous laws, so why have DSARs become such a hot topic in recent years? Likely factors include:

  • from 2018, GDPR’s increased fines not only raised awareness among organisations but, because of all the frenzied activity on consent emails around 25 May 2018, among individuals too, resulting in consumers and employees being more aware of their rights,
  • the increasingly pervasive and intrusive digital collection and processing of personal data, coupled with regular reporting of huge data breaches, and
  • the real impact on organisations on receiving a DSAR, compounded as the number of DSARs increases.

Gartner reports the average cost of the workflows for a single response is $1,400 although it’s been reported that the legal costs alone on a complicated DSAR related to healthcare rose to £240k. And the response has to be without undue delay and within one month, although it can be extended in certain circumstances.


This can lead to severe stress on an organisation’s resources, which might explain why DSARs are by far the most common reason for complaints to the UK ICO, making up 46% of complaints (see the UK ICO’s 2019/2020 Performance Report).

In our experience, organisations do want to respond in a compliant and proper manner, although they’re often unsure how to proceed. This area has very specific rules and exceptions, and carrying out a DSAR can lead to make some very subjective decisions despite all the guidance.

Content Capture & the Privacy Stack

This is where Content Capture’s DSAR service comes in. Having redacted over 500,000 documents and over 10,000 minutes of CCTV a week for customers from the NHS to the BBC, BP to BUPA, Content Capture has a well-proven service combining people, process and technology and extensive experience and expertise with DSARs.

Robert Baugh, Founder & CEO of Keepabl, says, ‘Content Capture Services has been been helping their customers with DSARs for years – and their customer list is very impressive. David, Matthew and the team have therefore accumulated an incredibly impressive expertise and experience on DSARs and built an established service that combines people, process and technology.’

Matthew Barnes, co-Founder of Content Capture Services, adds, ‘We’re always looking for how we can best serve our customers – we know how stretched in-house teams are, not only but particularly when those in-house teams don’t include Privacy experts. Organisations today are still coming to terms with the full extent of GDPR compliance, so we’re delighted to join the Privacy Stack and look forward to working with Robert and the team at Keepabl going forward.

Robert adds, ‘I’m delighted to welcome Content Capture to the Privacy Stack, particularly as we’ll shortly launch our DSR Management solution in our award-winning SaaS solution. Combining services like Keepabl and Content Capture gives organisations a rapid and efficient way to handle DSRs.

Hear from Content Capture on DSARs in Privacy Kitchen!

You can hear Content Capture’s Matthew Barnes giving us the benefit of his experience in ‘Lifting the Hood on a DSR‘, Privacy Kitchen’s Bigger Bite webinar from January 2021, when he joined our Founder & CEO, Robert Baugh and Shad Kayani, Founder & CEO of LeagueLions, a Data Protection Consultancy with great experience on DSARs.

Indeed, showing how collaborative the Privacy space is as solution providers look to help their customers with the range of compliance requirements, it was Shad who made the introduction to Content Capture given the number of projects they’d worked on together as organisations seek out expert advisory help too.

About Content Capture

Content Capture has an in-depth understanding of all of the technical issues involved in DSARs, coupled with broad expertise in service delivery to customers large and small, public and private, in the UK and overseas. Established in 1997, CCS combines people, process, and technology (including AI) to perform a full redaction service for their customers.

About the Privacy Stack

Here at Keepabl, we often say that the Privacy sector, kickstarted into life by GDPR in 2018, is 30 years behind Security as a practice and industry. Compared to Security, with well-established roles and remits within an organisation and well-established categories of vendors and advisors, organisations are still trying to determine what help and resources they need to build out and maintain their Privacy compliance. Many are still looking for a kettle … that’s a fridge .. that’s a toaster … that’s an oven!

That’s why we at Keepabl created the Privacy Stack! It’s a really helpful methodology for organisations to identify the services and solutions they need to consider for their Privacy compliance. And it’s a great way for us to identify leading solutions that address compliance in a simple, user-focused way.

Find out how Keepabl makes your Privacy compliance super simple by booking your demo now!

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