Keepabl Named Top 3 RegTech in the 2022 Finnovating Awards

We’re delighted to be recognised in the top 30 Startups by the Finnovating Platform, and in the Top 3 RegTechs, and the only Privacy Tech in the list!
Keepabl Top 3 Finnovating 2022

Being recognised as the only Privacy Tech in the 2022 Finnovating Awards, and as a Top 3 RegTech, is a proud achievement for Keepabl. This award showcases our dedication to creating innovative and effective solutions for regulated businesses, validating our mission to be the most loved mass-and mid-market compliance SaaS.

And it shows we’re staying true to our Why: to joyfully use technology to solve headaches about GDPR and make our customers feel happier.


Keepabl 3rd Place top RegTech Finnovating Awards 2022


The Finnovating Awards

The 2022 Finnovating Awards reveal ‘the 30 startups that are generating interest in the technological community and inside the Finnovating platform. This ranking, prepared from exclusive data from the platform and a group of ecosystem experts, highlights the winning startups of the awards.’

Finnovating quote

The judging panel took into account exclusive data from the Finnovating platform, based on four fundamental pillars:

  1. team,
  2. business model,
  3. clients,
  4. project scalability, and
  5. geographical presence.


About Finnovating

Finnovating is the first B2B Matching-as-a-Service Platform that connects the entire X-tech ecosystem. Thanks to its revolutionary tools, all of the tech startups, investors and corporations can digitally scale their business and reduce their investment and collaboration processes significantly.

Their members include FinTech, PropTech, InsurTech, Sustainable companies, WealthTech, LegalTechs, Accelerators, Business Angel, Venture Capitals, Banks, Insurers, Legal Advisors, Institutions, Associations, and more members in the innovation radar.


About Keepabl

At Keepabl, we understand the importance of Privacy and Security, particularly in regulated industries such as Finance. Our state-of-the-art cloud platform offers you a secure solution to manage your obligations for GDPR compliance and beyond.

By automating compliance processes, and providing instant insights, our platform provides you and your organisation with a powerful tool to navigate the complex world of Privacy Governance.

From data mapping to breaches, and vendors to transfers, our platform offers a comprehensive solution for businesses to meet regulatory obligations with ease.

Don’t wait, see for yourself how we make Privacy compliance easy. Contact us to schedule your demo today!


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