The 2022 Year in Privacy Hurdles

The race that stops an industry is back! Can you identify all the runners (and non-runners) and spot the major events in UK & EEA Data Protection in 2022?
The 2022 Year in Privacy Hurdles


It’s back! The Year in Privacy Hurdles burst onto the scene at the end of 2021, bringing together the big action in Data Protection in the UK and EEA in the format of a light-hearted horse race.

Now, the 2022 Year in Privacy Hurdles is here, with even more runners (and non-runners) and events from around Europe to identify!

The transcript is below, but have a listen to the race first and see how you get on!


The 2022 Year in Privacy Hurdles


Welcome to the 2022 Year in Privacy Hurdles here at Sandown Racing Club, you join us as the horses are being put into the starting blocks. Some extraordinary runners, let’s have a look.

Crystal Vision is here, the American horse who took a big hit at the end of last year’s race from Wacky, the Australian champion. Where is Crystal Vision, so hard to recognise in a crowd – there she is!

And there is Privacy Shield, the old campaigner, we weren’t sure she’d run and of course it’s a multi-generational race as Biden’s Cracker’s just outside her, Biden’s Cracker of course out of Privacy Shield and Two The Max. Some question if Biden’s Cracker can last the distance but this horse is immensely popular, a real crowd favourite.

And there is Two The Max in the blocks… Two The Max of course won this race two years running against tough competition. Shouldn’t really still be around but just never gives up.

We’ve one non-runner, from the Netherlands, but Legitimate Love is appealing their ban, so it’s by no means game, set and match and she may well run next year.

Two new horses this year, first WhadUUUUUUUUP?, an Irish horse that received a huge stewards’ fine last year, in fact the one owner has a stable in Ireland and they’re all getting large stewards’ fines.

WhadUUUUUUP is outside EadyPeabyBaby, which interestingly is owned by a consortium of 30 stewards, so that’s an uneasy pairing.

And they’re off, not much in it, no-one pulling away at the start, Privacy Shield at the back –  and Crystal Vision’s been run into by the Italian horse Guarantee It! but she just brushes it off as if nothing happened, a real tough cookie. There is WhadUUUUUPPP? Looking feisty. 

Brexit Woes and Privacy Shield in amongst the pack as they come up to the quarter mark with Biden’s Cracker showing some promise, the crowd go wild but there’s a long way to go. EadyPeabyBaby on Biden’s Cracker’s shoulder.

Ooo! Crystal Vision takes another big hit from It’s Icy and just brushes it off. Her jockey seems to be scanning the crowd, just taking it all in.

Now Brexit Woes comes through, pushing Dippy Di to the front, let’s see what Dippy Di can do! 

But at the halfway mark here comes Gimme Cash, held off time and again by Judge and Jury last year, she tries to make a break – oh! Judge and Jury cuts her off yet again, and that might be the end of Gimme Cash’s big prize hopes because here comes Dippy Di again – back in the lead a second time. EadyPeabyBaby staying close to Dippy Di.

Oo, Crystal Vision’s been run into yet again, this time by Hellenic Temple, but she keeps going as ever. 

Dippy Di’s jockey is down! On the far side there, Dippy Di’s jockey’s fallen and Dippy Di is wandering aimlessly. They’re frantically trying to get another jockey, but she’s surely out of this year’s race.

Huge cheers now as Biden’s Cracker surges forward at the start of the final quarter. Privacy Shield drops away, I can’t see her continuing the race now. And there’s a real battle on the near rails as WhadUUUUUP? tries to take on EadyPeabyBaby.

And it’s Biden’s Cracker, chased by Two The Max, there’s some chemistry there for sure, then its Judge and Jury

On the near rails, Crystal Vision and K-K-Neel really fighting it out, Crystal Vision’s taken a lot of punishment.

Brexit Woes then Crystal Vision, and storming past both is Can’t Retain ‘Er, Can’t Retain ‘Er’s surely going too fast. If she falls she’ll take down the whole race. 

And now Brexit Woes has lost her rider! No-one seems able to control her, what a year this is.

So as we enter the final furlong, it’s Two The Max right on the shoulder of Biden’s Cracker – joined by Tarah Blighty in third with a late charge from nowhere! Tarah Blighty of course out of Brexit Woes and the Brussels champion Yippy TIA, that’s a tough horse. 

But is Tarah Blighty as tough as Yippy TIA? And will she be able to pass Two the Max as we near the line….

On the nearside rail, WhadUUUUPPP? Just hasn’t been able to find a way past EadyPeabyBaby and at the finish, it’s neck and neck! Biden’s Cracker and Two The Max

It’s close but Biden’s Cracker just takes it, the crowd certainly think so and are going wild, Two The Max was so close, EadyPeabyBaby finished strongly, and Tarah Blighty comes in fourth. 

What a tough race this year, there are riderless horses on the course. Brexit Woes and Dippy Di still dashing around back there, but all eyes are on Biden’s Cracker

She’s lapping up the cheers. Now the flags did stay down, but it seems Two The Max is going to ask for a stewards’ enquiry. 

So this race may not be over yet…



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