The 2021 Year in Privacy Hurdles

The 2022 Year in Privacy Hurdles are nearly upon us so what better than to revisit the inaugural race in 2021?
The 2021 Year in Privacy Hurdles

The 2021 Year in Privacy Hurdles

And welcome to The 2021 Year in Privacy Hurdles here at Sandown Racing Club, you join us as the horses are being put into the starting blocks. It promises to be a really tough race.



Let’s look at the non-runners. Don’tCallMeXL, the famous old chaser, sadly withdrawn, picking up too many injuries nowadays. His place has been taken by SaaSSaaSBaby, lots expected from her.

There’s Schrems II in the blocks… Schrems II of course took the lead halfway through last year’s race. Outside him is Privacy Shield, out of Safe Harbor and Schrems I. Privacy Shield tailed off so badly last year, many thought she wouldn’t race today. Plucky racer.

And they’re off, Privacy Shield trying to keep up with Schrems II but it’s Brexit Woes storming along, of course such a loose cannon in last year’s race.

Right behind Brexit Woes is Old SCCs, but how long can Old SCCs keep up? Here comes Schrems II, it’s Brexit Woes, Schrems II, LockdownLaddie, then Old SCCs, and here’s You’reKiddingMe

You’reKiddingMe! Old SCCs and Adequacy Please have surged forward as we come to the halfway mark. Brexit Woes and LockdownLaddie falling away, Adequacy Please fighting for the lead with Schrems II and Old SCCs. 

Into the last quarter and here comes TIA now! TIA, the promising youngster, challenging with Schrems II, and OldSCCs falling away.

It’s TIA, Schrems II and here comes the other youngster FiveClauses. FiveClauses and on her shoulder’s MoreToCome and UKOldie. It’s FiveClauses, MoreToCome, TIA, pushing You’reKiddingMe!, but Schrems II is going nowhere. 

You’reKiddingMe! has had such a strong year, neck and neck now with Schrems II, FiveClauses, TIA, MoreToCome … LockdownLaddie making a late charge.

And they’re over the line. Too close to call, but it may be that Schrems II was too strong. Next year’s going to be another tight race. 

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