A strong finish for 2021

2021 was almost as crazy, sad, inspiring and infuriating as 2020. As Privacy Kitchen hits 30,000 views and 1,000 subscribers, we take a look back at the year.

Aware of the stress that comes with working during a global pandemic, this year we’ve tried extra-hard to make things easier on the GDPR front in the way of product updates, so that those working in Privacy – whether a Privacy Pro by trade, or someone who’s been lumped with the task of dealing with data protection – can focus on other business critical tasks.

2021 ended up being a strong year for Keepabl – not something that we took for granted in January.

  • We’ve made some great strides with our already comprehensive Privacy SaaS, especially on the Security front, with more product updates to come in early 2022. More on that below.
  • And as we continue to relieve Privacy woes with our powerful SaaS solution, we’ve continued expanding the collection of free videos on our GDPR training channel – Privacy Kitchen – which has recently hit a big milestone!


Privacy Kitchen


Privacy Kitchen – our free GDPR training channel – has grown from strength to strength in 2021, and has zoomed through 1,000 subscribers and a phenomenal 30,000 views!

Created during the first UK lockdown with the intent of giving easily-digestible, practical help to soothe people’s nerves on the beast that is GDPR, we’ve helped thousands become more familiar with GDPR and e-Privacy, and get much-needed refreshers on key Privacy and Security concepts. 

Look out for more content in 2022, including chats and roundtables with like-minded Privacy leaders, and more top tips on how to operationalise Privacy compliance.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s some of our most popular videos, so you can take a look for yourself, including our latest video:

article 6 gdpr

Article 6 GDPR: The 6 Legal Bases & 9 top tips

In 2022, expect to see more videos on TIAs, Schrems II, how we sanitised our tech stack – including for Sales and Marketing – and more.


Our award-winning SaaS

We’ve been working on various projects behind the scenes to bring you fantastic benefits in 2022! 


New Front End

While we get rave reviews for our ‘front end’ – the part of the solution you see as our customers – we wanted to rebuild it to let us be even more innovative and make Privacy even more intuitive. 

So, like many kicking off January with a new wardrobe from Santa, Keepabl will be launching our new, improved front end interface and functionality early in the new year!


Tasks & Schrems II-ification

At the same time, we’ll also bring our new Tasks module – very exciting – and completion of our datacenter migration. All data is already held in AWS London, we’ll be fully in AWS London in early 2022.

Told you we’ve been busy! More on that in the new year, when we’ll also lift the curtain on some of the decisions we’ve reached and why. 


Audit Logs

One of the benefits we introduced in 2021 is Audit Logs. We’ve always held these in the ‘back end’ – and we recently released Audit Logs into your Admin Portal so you can easily see what’s happened in your Keepabl account, who did what when, and search and download as normal. 

This is a good ‘goalkeeper’ to have in the team, bringing a range of operational and Security benefits, including:

  •     centralised visibility over changes, 
  •     audit support, and
  •     proof to third parties that you’re able to see changes


Single Sign-On (SSO)

64% of organisations with over 1,000 people use Single Sign On (SSO) for security purposes, and this is something every company can benefit from. So we’re delighted to have launched SSO in Keepabl!

Not only does SSO make things more secure by reducing the number of passwords your employees need to remember, it also makes managing your SaaS estate a lot more efficient. 

As the third key IAM strategy for SaaS Security, SSO is the way to go! You can see FAQs in What is SSO?, how it works in Keepabl with our Admin Guide to SSO. and our help pages on Okta and OneLogin, our currently supported Identity Providers. Support for Azure AD is coming soon!


Renamed to the global RegTech100 for 2nd year!

Keepabl’s been named to the prestigious, global RegTech100 list of innovative companies to know about for the second year running, which we’re really proud about. Thank you to everyone for your support. 

The RegTech100 lists the companies every financial institution needs to know about as they consider and develop their mission-critical RegTech and digital transformation strategies. 


Happy, compliant customers

We’re all about making the use of tech more joyful and reducing compliance anxiety. We really listen to our partners and customers, acting on their needs as we iterate our solution in an Agile manner. Our regular feedback lets us know what we’re doing right – and what we can improve.

Companies from renowned publisher Times Higher Education, to listed wealth managers like Cannacord Genuity continue to swear by Keepabl’s Privacy Management SaaS as a way to develop and maintain a robust privacy framework, moving from spreadsheets to SaaS for more efficient working and reporting. 

We’re super thankful for our great customers’ support.


Reap Privacy SaaS benefits yourself in 2022

Why not choose Keepabl as a way to create your own instant Privacy Framework focused on GDPR, and hit the ground running in 2022? Our award-winning Privacy Management Software allows you to get up and running with ease, with:

  • simple data mapping, 
  • instant Article 30 Record creation, and 
  • comprehensive Risk and Breach functionality for peace of mind.

And, you can export KPIs, insights and reports on all of this at the click of a button so you can keep the Board and Auditors happy.

Want to get going? Get your Keepabl demo. We’d love to speak with you to show how SaaS automation can improve your compliance.

Have a Happy Holidays and a fantastic New Year. We’ll see you in 2022!

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