Legal Monster becomes a Privacy Stack Partner

We're delighted to welcome this leading consent and cookie solution into Privacy Stack!

Legal Monster becomes a Privacy Stack Partner

We’re delighted to welcome Legal Monster as Privacy Stack Partners!

Cookies & Consent

A key part of an organisation’s Privacy compliance – and perhaps the most visible – is managing cookies and consent.  It’s the aspect that most directly interacts with individuals, helping them manage their fundamental rights.  So it’s important not just from a legal viewpoint, but in building trust in your organisation.

With Legal Monster’s solution you can collect consent for your cookies, email marketing, privacy policy and T&Cs wherever your user is based.  For example, they bake the law right into your consent collection widget, while keeping things simple for your users.  And their consent hub syncs consents and email marketing subscribes, and unsubscribes, across your entire tech stack in real-time.

Robert Baugh, Founder & CEO of Keepabl, says, ‘Legal Monster’s leading consent and cookie management solution is comprehensive and yet very simple to use, which is not an easy thing to achieve.  They help customers, large and small, across the globe comply with this most visible, ‘external’, aspect of Privacy compliance in an intuitive way.  Their enthusiasm for simple Privacy, from Stine and the whole team at Legal Monster, really comes through in the solution – exactly the sort of partner we look for to join the Privacy Stack.

Stine Mangor, Founder & CEO of Legal Monster, adds, ‘As we here at Legal Monster focus on your consent and cookie compliance – the more ‘external’, public parts of that compliance journey – this partnership makes complete sense and we are very excited about working together with Robert and the Keepabl team.  As organisations take a holistic view of Privacy compliance, they need to consider which solutions and services will help them make compliance more efficient and demonstrable.  So we’re delighted to join the Privacy Stack!

About Legal Monster

Legal Monster’s on a mission to create compliance software that makes online compliance simple, and helps customers become better data citizens.  A Copenhagen based Legal Tech company, Legal Monster works with an international customer base to solve GDPR, ePrivacy, and compliance needs and requirements with tech solutions.  For more information, you can visit or email them at

About the Privacy Stack

Here at Keepabl, we often say that the Privacy sector, kickstarted into life by GDPR in 2018, is 30 years behind Security as a practice and industry.  Compared to Security, with well-established roles and remits within an organisation and well-established categories of vendors and advisors, organisations are still trying to determine what help and resources they need to build out and maintain their Privacy compliance.  Many are still looking for a kettle … that’s a fridge .. that’s a toaster … that’s an oven!

That’s why we at Keepabl created the Privacy Stack!  It’s a really helpful methodology for organisations to identify the services and solutions they need to consider for their Privacy compliance.  And it’s a great way for us to identify leading solutions that address compliance in a simple, user-focused way.


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