Keepabl Sponsors Privacy Space November 2022

We were delighted to maintain our 100% sponsorship of this awesome data protection practitioner event, with superb presentations, discussions and networking all under Chatham House rules
Keepabl Privacy Space

Privacy Space has burst onto the live event scene for data protection practitioners and – let’s face it – Privacy geeks. It was created as “an initiative that aims to bring together privacy and data protection enthusiasts from all over the world into a unique space where everyone is welcome to participate and share their ideas“.

The initial events were online meetups under the Chatham House Rule, and immediately proved to be inclusive, supportive, non-judgmental and friendly, reflecting the characters and values of the 4 well-known consultants who founded Privacy Space:

  • Richard Merrygold, Co-founder and Managing Consultant, iSTORM
  • Tash Whitaker, Global Data Compliance Director, Whitaker Solutions Ltd,
  • Diogo Duarte, Advance Privacy Oü Founder & International Data Protection Consultant, and
  • Barry Moult, Independent Data Protection/Privacy Consultant at BJM IG Privacy Ltd.


1st in-person event (Mar ’22)


The success of Privacy Space’s online events led to its first in-person event, held in Leamington Spa in March 2022. And the success continued!

Working in data protection can be stressful and solo much of the time, and seeing 60 or so colleagues in the industry, who’d often only met on LinkedIn due to lockdown, meant there was a huge amount of goodwill from being (to borrow a phrase from November 2022’s event) in amongst the herd.

Keepabl was delighted to sponsor the inaugural Privacy Space event.

  • We’re not just a Privacy Tech provider, with Keepabl’s award-winning Privacy Management Software.
  • We’d also worked with many attending as Keepabl doesn’t do advisory.
  • We also publish the [YouTube cookies and privacy policy apply] Privacy Kitchen YouTube training channel and we’re massive, long-time Privacy geeks!

And it’s a really great fit, as Richard Merrygold notes:

Keepabl have been supporters of Privacy Space from the very beginning. When we started to look for sponsors for our first inperson event, Robert was one of the first people we contacted and was also the first company to sign up. Privacy Space has and always will be about the community. Allowing attendees to network and discuss their challenges with vendors who can provide real world solutions is a huge part of what makes the event so special. Keepabl and Robert understand how important that community is and we’re so pleased to have them as a permanent sponsor.


The sessions were superb and the networking, the putting actual faces to social media profiles, the free and frank chats, were all amazing. A truly safe space to discuss everything Privacy from the practical to the technical. with huge amounts of support for those speaking, for those new to the industry, and for the event itself and the event’s founders.

Privacy Space is deliberately a smaller, practitioner-led event to replicate the Chatham House online meet-up in real life.

It was so good. It had to happen again.


2nd in-person event (Nov ’22)


Very happily, the team behind Privacy Space felt it could be done twice a year and the second event just happened, on 10 November, again in Leamington Spa.

And again, we sponsored it and, again, the event was a roaring success. The sessions were entertaining (very entertaining), informative and interactive, the connections (new and refreshed) were delightful and the venue perfect.

And the new addition of the Privacy Escape Room at the end of the day was wonderful, with inventive testing of (as you can imagine) competitive teams.

The organisers have confirmed Privacy Space will be every April and November, so mark your diaries!

It’s so good to be in amongst the herd!

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