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Four years after application, GDPR is embedded in business as usual but it’s still seen as complex and difficult for those managing Privacy within organisations – Cisco says 90% of the time that’s Ops, Security, IT and Compliance (99% in our experience in the mid-market). And it’s no easy job for Privacy professionals!

Not only is the subject matter complicated, training materials can be incredibly hard to follow, information-dense, and competing with ‘thought leadership’ when most people just want a particular Privacy point explained in plain language.

Our free GDPR training channel, Privacy Kitchen, is fast becoming established as the training resource for those dealing with Privacy, for Privacy pros, and for those studying for industry exams like the IAPP’s CIPP/E. We’ve delivered over 75,000 training sessions in our first two years and the pace is quickening!

From the very basics in videos such as What is GDPR – perfect for all-hands training – to more detailed questions such as Is Google Analytics Illegal under GDPR, our channel gives information around how to operationalise Privacy in organisations, and in turn deliver improved compliance. (Privacy Notice: it’s hosted on YouTube so YouTube cookies and Privacy Policy apply.)


Your Privacy Training Pack

To make things even easier, we’ve created The GDPR & PECR Training Pack.

10 videos covering the key aspects of GDPR and e-Privacy, all in one place. The Training Pack is perfect for rolling out Privacy training. The links to all the videos are in the Pack so you can circulate them easily as an attachment if that works better for you – and of course you can always learn more in Privacy Kitchen!

Get your free copy of The GDPR & PECR Training Pack.


A better way for ongoing Privacy Governance

Keepabl’s multi award-winning, intuitive Privacy Management Software gives you an instant Privacy Framework, allowing for the fast creation of your Data Map, Records of Processing, Gap Analysis, Processors, Transfers, Breach Management and more.

Request your free trial or demo today to see why many organisations are ditching the spreadsheets, or moving away from more complex software, and choosing Keepabl!





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