Keepabl's 6th Birthday!

We're 6 today, 2 November 2023! And what a 6 years it's been - our Founder, Robert Baugh, recaps the journey and how Keepabl is more than delivering on our promise to simplify Privacy Compliance
Keepabl 6th Birthday

It’s Keepabl’s 6th birthday!

I founded Keepabl on 2 November 2017. It’s been a crazy 6 years with ups and downs – and ups – I couldn’t have predicted.

In that time, the Privacy market has grown impressively and positively in all respects, from practitioner numbers to customer awareness, from global laws to vendor coverage, from rare case law to an abundance of guidance, decisions and CJEU cases. And, keeping pace, we’ve grown Keepabl and our award-winning Privacy Management Software 😀

All that’s been in the context of unprecedented events from Covid lockdowns to Brexit to international economic downturns and terrible conflicts driving up inflation and interest rates, which only makes everyone’s progress all the more impressive.

Keepabl 6 Birthday


Why we’re here matters even more

Keepabl’s SaaS came out in beta in late September 2018, at our first trade show. It was the result of almost a year of consulting, building out prototypes and iterating MVPs.

I’d seen a crazily complex SaaS tool in late 2017 and thought, if I don’t want to use that with 20+ years in tech and Privacy, who will? Privacy is such a complex area that Privacy tools need to make life easier, not harder.

My experience as General Counsel at VC-backed growth SaaS companies with West Coast tech teams had been a crucible in learning the importance of focusing on the customer’s ‘jobs to be done’, to avoid vanityware and focus on benefits that solve real-world issues, and being able to effectively manage complex risk and compliance areas with the ability to easily demonstrate that to investors, customers and auditors.

With the incredible uptick in Privacy risk and pain felt around the world, the explosion of digital data, GDPR fines of hundreds of millions, even billions of euros, and the arrival of exciting / frightening AI, our customer-first product philosophy matters now more than ever.

I’m super proud of our team and all who have helped make Keepabl what it is today, and continue to drive it forward.


We’re delivering on that promise

You can see our customer case studies to see how delighted our customers are with everything from onboarding to reporting, risk management to breach response, and of course the core fundamental of every Privacy Governance program: data mapping and the infamous RoPA!

Some selected comments:

Keepabl listens to its customers and implements feedback. We’re very happy.

You can tell the product is built by people who know Privacy
and really care for their customers

It was amazing to see the app burst into life

will save my clients 50-70% of their ongoing Privacy
compliance over the
next 3 years

its breach and risk modules are really excellent

We moved to Keepabl as it’s much simpler than our previous service
yet better in dealing with multiple entities

We needed a secure platform to automate and bring efficiencies.
Keepabl ticks all the boxes.


My how you’ve grown!

Keepabl’s Privacy Management Software is your comprehensive Privacy-in-a-box solution.

Of course, you need an intuitive Data Map that’s easy to update and will create all your key Privacy reports from Article 30 Records to Vendor analysis to Transfers and more.

We’ve incredible, integrated solutions to intake and manage Risk, Breaches and Rights, to create and benchmark your Privacy Framework (including the UK ICO’s Accountability Framework built-in), to upload and download, to manage users with 2FA, SSO and least privilege access, and more.

And all in multiple languages with English, German and Italian today and French and Spanish joining this month.

Plus our free, YouTube channel, Privacy Kitchen has gone from strength to strength with over 4,500 subscribers enjoying B2C style videos on all things Privacy.

It’s why we’ve been named three years running to the global, prestigious RegTech100 identifying ‘the world’s most innovative RegTech companies that every financial institution needs to know about‘ plus many more.


See for yourself and make your [Privacy] life easier

So why not ditch the Excel Spreadsheet and request a Keepabl demo today to see how easy Privacy Management can be.



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