Compliance SaaS for MSPs – TubbTalk #56

MSP Thought Leader Richard Tubb interviews our CEO, Robert Baugh

All MSPs wanted to know about GDPR but were afraid (or just didn’t want) to ask!

Join MSP thought leader and IT services consultant Richard Tubb, as he interviews our CEO Robert Baugh for TubbTalk #56, discussing all aspects of Compliance as a Service for MSPs.

Hear a clear, plain language chat about

  • what is GDPR?
  • what is Compliance-as-a-Service?
  • GDPR as a sales tool – see why Richard thinks GDPR is the best sales tool for MSPs in years
  • how can MSPs use Keepabl to help their customers with GDPR?
  • what’s the future of managed services and the role of compliance as a springboard to that future?

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