Is Sustainability the new goal for startups instead of Growth?

A great panel discussion at FTT Digital Builder on culture, investment criteria, startup focus and more

Watch the panel discussion from 14 April 2021

Growth and/or Sustainability?

Rocket ship growth has long been the goal for startups - often at the expense of profitability, regulatory concerns and even employee culture.  A new generation of FinTech start ups is emerging – one that is focused on sustainability, an empowered workforce as well as making money.

Could this be the most disruptive trend of all?

FTT Digital Builder

Our Founder & CEO, Robert Baugh, was delighted to be on a panel of founders at the excellent FTT Digital Builder Event on 14 April 2021, discussing these key questions.  Expertly moderated by Bradley Leimer, Co-founder, Unconventional Ventures, we discussed topics including:

  • The prioritisation of growth and its effects on startups and business building?
  • Is the 10x ‘Rocket Ship’ growth possible with a startup focused on the financial services industry?
  • What about startup CEOs who, after a stink of bad press regarding employee culture or regulatory breaches, dismiss and sneer at these concerns?
  • Is there a difference between ‘startup culture’ and ‘grown up culture’?  What needs to change?
  • Is your company as you envisioned it when you started out?
  • Have you ever had a difference of opinion with investors over levels of growth – how did you handle it?
  • Many have described the impact of the global pandemic as the time ‘the tide came in and revealed how many startups were swimming without clothes’  Do you agree and what has been the impact?
  • Where do you see your company in five to 10 years?

The Panel

  • Clare Reilly, Chief Engagement Officer, PensionBee
  • Jens Hartwig, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, Laka
  • Josh Hart, Co-founder & Chief Product & Technology Officer, Yulife
  • Robert Baugh, Founder & CEO, Keepabl
  • Michael Schweikart, Co-founder, Tomorrow
  • Bradley Leimer, Co-founder, Unconventional Ventures (moderator)

It’s a fantastic panel and a really interesting insight into founders at different startups in the FinTech arena!

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