Keepabl announces new design & new Dashboard!

New look and feel, and GDPR KPI Dashboard, make Keepabl even more intuitive

Keepabl announces new design & GDPR KPI Dashboard!

It’s always difficult to change a design you’ve put your heart into and that customers give you great feedback about.  It’s such a core aspect of the service, you even feel a bit guilty talking about changing it! However, re-evaluating all aspects of the service, and bringing in the right changes based on customer feedback and our product roadmap, helps reinforce and refresh our message:

‘GDPR compliance made simple…in a good way’

One important note: the award-winning Keepabl service – the structure, logic and simplicity of that service that customers love – has not changed.

We’re updating the look and feel of the app to be more refined and easier on the eye – dare we say ‘classier’?!  And to pave the way for new, valuable benefits for customers as we carry out our product plans. But you’ll hopefully agree, it still contains our ‘Silicon Valley DNA’ and our laser focus on helping you get the GDPR job done with the minimum fuss and maximum benefit.

Our original design was created to appeal to people, reassure them, and take away some of the fear around GDPR that can come from using spreadsheets and overly-complicated services.  Feedback was that we’d hit that target, and we hope you’ll agree that the new design is true to that ethos.

We’ve always had an incredibly positive reaction to our app when people see it‘ says Robert Baugh, Keepabl’s CEO, continuing ‘People very often say ’it’s so simple’ and then they always add ‘I mean in a good way’ as if an apology was necessary, but we love hearing that!  It means we accomplished what we set out to do.  

Now we’ve been able to bring forward our updated design and some new benefits at the same time.  For example, the dashboard has visualisation of how many PIAs you’ve got against your Activities, how many GDPR-compliant agreements against Activities, and information on your breaches.

Andrea Spataro, a Senior Privacy Executive and fellow lawyer at Keepabl, noted ‘Our customers and partners have always been very positive about the design and proactive with feedback for our roadmap!  So we’re very happy to implement some key customer requests into the new-look Dashboard, which trialled well with customers and partners pre-launch.

We’re fans of Simon Sinek’s ‘Start with the Why’ at Keepabl.  Our ‘Why’ is to joyfully use tech to solve headaches for people and hopefully make them feel good too.  We hope our customers feel the new design keeps pushing us along that path – we look forward to your feedback!


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