UK ICO Accountability Framework: Tash Whitaker joins us in Privacy Kitchen

We're delighted to welcome back Data Superhero Tash Whitaker for an amazing discussion on how she uses the Accountability Framework with her customers and top tips, tricks and traps!
UK ICO Accountability Framework with Tash Whitaker

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is justifiably famous for publishing very practical and helpful guidance. We invited Data Superhero Tash Whitaker to join us again in Privacy Kitchen to discuss the ICO’s gold-standard benchmark: the Accountability Framework.

Hear from Tash:

  • what the Framework is
  • why it’s so helpful and popular
  • what type of entity benefits from using it [spoiler – everyone! But you’ll be intrigued by Tash’s excellent answer on this]
  • how to use it in practice
  • pros and cons to be aware of, and
  • top tips, tricks and traps in using the Framework!

You don’t want to miss this excellent discussion on the safe harbour choice for your organisation – and for you, as the person looking after Privacy – on which benchmark to use.

We’ve also a shorter video explaining the Framework itself with 5 Pros & 5 Cons.

And the best thing? The Accountability Framework is now in Keepabl’s SaaS! Incorporated with your favourite Privacy Management Software, you can upload your current ICO Excel, then run and maintain it all in Keepabl with role-based least-privilege access, all the official questions and the ICO’s Dashboard as well as our own scoring, and integrated with our SaaS Tasks solution.

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