SeedLegals interview Keepabl's Founder

Digging into our backstory, funding, coronavirus & more!

SeedLegals needs no introduction!  They’re the UK’s #1 closer of funding rounds, helping with investment, EIS/SEIS, EMI options and more.  A growth SaaS business themselves, supported by leading investors, Seedlegals have transformed startup funding – in just three years they now help more UK companies raise investment than anyone else.

Our Founder, Robert Baugh, was recently interviewed by SeedLegals for their excellent Entrepreneur Edition of their Founders Stories video series.

As SeedLegal’s Isabella Ghassemi Smith notes:

Keepabl built an award winning GDPR solution that landed them a Seed round with VC backing in just over a year.  In today’s Entrepreneur Edition, we meet Robert Baugh, founder and CEO of Keepabl – the leading SaaS compliance company making GDPR superfast, transparent and reliable.


Here’s a summary of all the key points covered in the interview (and timestamps in case you want to skip to your favourite part!)

0:00 – 4:18  The road to starting Keepabl – from law to SaaS compliance
4:18 – 7:05 The importance of your brand in building customer trust
7:05 – 10:31 Word of mouth – your strongest marketing strategy
10:31 – 13:00 Marketing strategy to build a brand for a compliance company
13:00 – 17:31 GDPR Compliance – a new part of business as usual
17:31 – 20:13 Consulting – the best form of market research
20:13 – 22:55 How to reach perfect product market fit –  a customer led product
22:55 – 24:45 Balancing between smart money and capital
24:45 – 26:38 The right investors for a SaaS compliance business
26:38 – 28:24 How to fundraise in 3 months
28:24 – 29:00 Using SeedLegals from a lawyer’s perspective
29:00 – 30:31 Options – vesting people into your company
30:31 – 33:42 Corona – an opportunity to review and improve
33:42 – 36:26 Agile funding – the way to raise in lockdown
36:26 – 39:26 Key to being a sole founder – have the right support
39:26 – End Building the core team

And you can see more excellent videos in SeedLegals’ Founder Series.


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