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For many Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Security is an area that’s very well covered – not least through the push for MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers) in recent years. And Privacy is fast becoming just as in-demand as the ‘fraternal twin’ to Security for those MSPs who are looking to bolster their product offering and deliver maximum value to their clients. In a recent Tubbtalk podcast – a free online podcast by renowned IT business growth expert Richard Tubb, offering help and advice for IT consultants – Shabad Chawla, CEO of London-based MSP Techsapiens outlined how he uses Keepabl’s Privacy Management Software to manage GDPR.

How Techsapiens use Keepabl in their Business

Shabad highlighted that Compliance is something businesses have to work on continually, and it’s important for their IT partner to support them.

As is required by the GDPR, ensuring you’re keeping your data inventory up to date is crucial, and it’s important for when auditors, the Board, or customers come asking for progress. It’s important to note that this will still be the case when the UK data reforms come into play as everyone needs a ‘Privacy Management Programme’. Look out for our update on this topic! 

As our customers often tell us, and true to our whole product philosophy of making Privacy simple and joyful, Shabad says Keepabl is easy to use and, as a typical B2B SaaS multi-tenanted solution it fits well into MSP portfolios: ‘Users can list all of their clients and add in the appropriate departments within each business. It tracks all the data stored and how it’s being used, plus you can manage any breaches or subject access requests. It can also be licensed and resold.

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Techsapiens and Keepabl

Techsapiens are a valued Keepabl Privacy Stack Partner, and both providers have worked together to deliver value to clients for several years. When it comes to the working relationship, Shabad explained that Keepabl are ‘brilliant at supporting our journey to help clients with their GDPR compliance. Nothing is a problem. Some clients want to speak to them, and they’re always happy to do so.

Shabad also finds great use of Keepabl’s Policy Pack, in his words ‘a whole bunch of ready-made policies which can be tweaked and tailored to suit the client. That’s really handy to have alongside the data map. They’re great guys to work with. 


Why Privacy is important for MSPs

GDPR responsibilities are not just limited to Privacy professionals. From our experience and Cisco’s research, Privacy’s more often than not delegated to IT, Ops, Security and Compliance. And while they’re experts in their fields, they’re usually not experts in this very niche area. 

Nearly one-third of Security professionals now identify ‘data privacy’ as a core area of their responsibility, with 90% of organisations saying their customers would not buy from them if they did not adequately protect customer data.

For Shabad at Techsapiens, having a GDPR framework makes things a lot more simple internally, too.

We make it clear that we’re being compliant and following regulatory requirements around data storage. Having a GDPR framework and a process for cybersecurity makes that easier. This matters to everyone, which is why we decided to make it a focus for Techsapiens.

Try Keepabl to improve GDPR for you and your clients

MSPs like Techsapiens have seen great success with Keepabl as a way to maintain a robust privacy framework, both for themselves and for their clients as part of their IT software offering.

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Tubbtalk and Techsapiens

Tubbtalk podcast by Richard Tubb

Be sure to listen to the full Tubbtalk podcast and subscribe for further updates from the inspirational Richard Tubb! It’s an incredibly valuable resource for MSPs looking to grow their business, with expert tips from one of the leading figures in the industry who’s seen and done it all.

For more information about Techsapiens, including how they can help your business manage your full suite of IT products and services, saving you bags of time and effort, check out their website.

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