Keepabl finalist (twice!) in prestigious MSP Awards!

Keepabl up for Most Innovative Managed Service Solution in both Security and General categories

For the second year running, we’re finalists in the prestigious Managed Services & Hosting Awards – but this time in 2 categories!  And all before our 2nd birthday!

In 2018, at our first Managed Services & Hosting Summit, we were finalists in the innovative managed service category of the leading MSP awards: the 2018 Managed Services & Hosting Awards, recognising our ability to take a complex topic (GDPR) and make a SaaS solution that made it easy for MSPs to give their customers a great GDPR answer.

One year later, we’re delighted to say we’re finalists again at the 2019 Managed Services & Hosting Awards and this time in 2 categories!  We’re up for Most Innovative Managed Service Solution in both Security and General categories, recognising the continued innovation in making our service even more attractive to MSPs and their customers and – in particular – our innovative solution to the highest-risk and highest-profile area of GDPR compliance: data breaches.

MSPs can use our ‘Breach Button’ link to place a button on customers’ intranets to make it easy for staff to report suspected breaches right into Keepabl, without needing a Keepabl account.

MSPs receive instant email alerts when a new breach record is made in Keepabl, so they can react rapidly to help contain the risk from the breach, for example using the customer’s Mobile Device Management tool to lock, locate and if necessary wipe the device, as well as auditing if any access has occurred.

Keepabl’s breach record incorporates the UK Information Commissioner’s Report a Breach form to make any notification straightforward.

As well as an easy way to record suspected breaches, receive instant email alerts and make sure you collect relevant information, Keepabl automatically creates a Breach Log, instantly updated as you update the underlying records, bringing clarity to breach management.

And Keepabl also helps with advice on whether breaches need to be notified to regulators or affected individuals.

All part of Keepabl’s mission to make GDPR compliance as easy as possible and achievable for organisations of all sizes, with the help of their trusted adviser, the MSP!

If you’re an MSP looking to help your customers deal with GDPR in as simple a way as possible, and consolidate your trusted adviser status at the same time, please contact us through our website or email us at

Fingers crossed for the awards dinner tomorrow, but simply being nominated for the 2nd year in a row (we’re not even 2 years old yet!) and in 2 categories is reward enough for us.  We’re excited for what the next year will bring!

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