Keepabl just made Privacy even more joyful

(It's not just that it's blue, we've rebuilt the entire front end)
new Keepabl front end

We’re all super excited at Keepabl – Thursday 3 March 2022 saw our biggest product release day ever, and the culmination of two key projects that have taken the best part of a year.

  • Our fantastic new front end!
  • Our fantastic new Schrems II-compliant datacenter!

We’ve written separately about the shiny new datacenter, so this is all about the shiny ‘new front end’.


What’s a ‘front end’?

When you’re talking Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, the ‘front end’ is everything you as the user see and interact with. It’s the window to the SaaS solution, what you see in your browser on your laptop, tablet or mobile, forms you interact with, buttons you click.

As opposed to all the behind-the-scenes parts you don’t, called the ‘back end’, where all the heavy stuff happens and the data lives.


Why we rebuilt it


It’s a lot of technical debt to pay down for a young SaaS company, for sure. But we decided about a year ago that it’d be worth it. Having lived in the app for a few years, we could iron out some niggles we had and build it to even better support the innovation we wanted to bring to our customers.

We’d also decided to ‘Schremsify’ our tech stack. We couldn’t wait for the EU and US to come out with Privacy Shield III, and existing providers were not moving fast enough for our needs. So it made (crazy) sense to do a full datacenter migration and replace most of the tools and solutions we use in our architecture at the same time as revamping the front end.

It’s hugely important – but not on its own

You can see that the front end of a SaaS solution is super important for users. But it doesn’t matter how shiny your front end is if your solution doesn’t actually solve problems for your users, bring benefits to your users, and does so in a way that delights your users. The front end is a vehicle that has to deliver a great business solution.

As you can see from our case studies, we’ve no issues there! We’re told we save you time, cost (between 50-70% on ongoing compliance) and stress. That we make collaboration with colleagues and advisors so much more efficient. That you love seeing the single-pane-of-glass view and being able to deep dive into details without getting lost. And that the instant, at-your-fingertips insights have delivered for the Board, auditors and helped win you business. 

We wouldn’t change the workflows, which had won so many plaudits. Sure, we’d revamp the corporate colours, update elements such as tables and the like, but we’d maintain the very-real business you enjoy from our solution while massively improving speed, resilience, scalability and adaptability going forward. This was a big investment in our future and the services we’re delivering to you in the years to come.


So – what’s new?

Speed and Security

We took the opportunity to rationalise lots of processes to speed up the app, looking at what lives best in the front end, what in the back end, and how they interact. We also, of course, took every opportunity to improve the already best-practice Security.


We’ve been able to not only synchronise how all elements act across the solution, we’ve been able to bring in usability wins in almost every area, from easier navigation, to choosing which columns of reports to display, to better search and reporting, to improved flow and treatment of information within Activities and Breaches and more. And we’ve been able to retain the usability and intuitiveness – the human aspect that’s so important for good software, particularly Privacy Management Software – that has always drawn so much positive reaction.

KPIs & Reporting

KPIs and reporting have always been one of our key strengths and are innately linked to usability. We know from painful experience that there’s no point having an all-singing and all-dancing bit of kit if it can’t tell you what you need to know when you need to know it. We’ve been able to make them all much clearer – and watch this space for further news in this space in the coming months.

Back End

We know, this is about the front end, but we also took the opportunity to revamp chunks of the back end so they better support the benefits delivered through the new front end.

New features

Everything in Keepabl is linked to everything else (it’s how we can do all the heavy lifting for you). It’s now going to be so much easier and faster to bring forward new features and benefits for you, and we’ve got a great line up.

  • We already released Audit Logs and SSO (with Okta and OneLogin) in December.
  • The new front end comes with new questions and analysis.
  • Recognising that most are still at the spreadsheet stage, you’ll soon be able to upload your Activities.
  • We’ve a great Tasks module in QA right now so you can manage even more of your ongoing compliance in one place.
  • And our Azure AD integration being approved by Microsoft means this hugely important IdP is coming to SSO in Keepabl very soon.


And yes, it’s now in our corporate blue colours!


Try it out yourself

Why not take it for a spin, and see why we’ve been named to the world’s 100 most innovative RegTech providers for the 2nd year running, by booking a demo?



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