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Privacy Shield 2.0

Agreement in principle reached on new Framework, 250322 White House publish Fact Sheet on new Framework, 250322 The White House published a detailed Fact Sheet the same day as speeches…

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Google analytics dashboard
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Is Google Analytics Illegal in the UK and EU?

Schrems II spawns NOYB 101 These decisions were the result of complaints filed by Max Schrems’ organisation NOYB – 101 complaints in fact, against transfers to Google and Facebook, so…

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Keepabl's new datacenter
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Keepabl's Schrems II-compliant datacenter

We’re super excited here at Keepabl with our shiny new datacenter, solving for the Schrems II decision. And it comes with our shiny new front end, which we’ll be writing…

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Time for a healthy kick up the GDPRse!

Now is the perfect time to get your GDPR-house in order. Why? Well, read on!   The UK’s opening back up 19 July 2021 is set to be the day…

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UK Europe Jigsaw
UK receives Adequacy Decision for EU GDPR!

Let the bells ring out, it’s Adequacy Day! 28 June 2021 and the European Commission formally adopted two adequacy decisions in favour of the UK – one under EU GDPR…

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Brexit impact on UK/EEA data protection

Brexit impact on UK/EEA data protection: transfers, adequacy and Schrems II Originally published by Thomson Reuters © Thomson Reuters. Brexit impact on UK/EEA data protection: transfers, adequacy and Schrems II…

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Privacy Shield is down
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Privacy Shield is down - Schrems II

Privacy Shield is down, and the highest European court has thrown major doubt on the legitimacy of the next most popular method for transfers of personal data to the US. …

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