Keepabl's Privacy Policy Pack

Keepabl’s 30-document Privacy Policy Pack has everything you need for GDPR & UK PECR

Having a comprehensive set of policies and procedures you can implement, train on, audit and iterate is at the heart of any compliance framework.  They ensure everyone knows how they’re expected to act to support your ongoing compliance.

Translating complex regulations into achievable, practical governance programs is one of the things that Keepabl excels at, we’ve had decades of experience. Our Privacy Policy Pack is written in plain language, with the policies and procedures you need, backed up by templates, specimens and checklists, from DPIAs to HR Privacy Notices.

Your policies and procedures are no box-ticking exercise

They’re a key part of your Privacy Framework, embody your Privacy Governance, and should reflect what you do.  You can implement them by training and make them live by auditing and reviewing them periodically.

If you put something in writing, make sure you can do it!

Our Pack’s drafted to implement GDPR and UK PECR requirements with the least impact on your business.  It’s easy for your staff to adopt – you’ll be off to a running start!